Web Development Software- List of Best in 2021

The quality of a website depends significantly on the features of the web development software used for creating it. There was a time when people looking to build websites had to choose from just a handful of software. However, today, they have a series of options to choose from. The section below talks about the best web development software 2021.

Adobe Dreamweaver Is the Best Web Development Software in Terms of Ease of Use

This one might be the first entrant in this list, but it has ruled the world of web development since its inception several years back. Adobe Dreamweaver uses a combination of HTML editing and visual editing to create new websites. This means you’ll not need to have in-depth knowledge of programming for using Dreamweaver effectively.

Indeed, the web development software doesn’t provide you with ready-to-use templates. However, you should treat it as an opportunity for making your website look unique and include features that you always wanted your site to possess.

One of the main reasons why this list includes Dreamweaver is that it helps in creating responsive websites. You’ll be able to optimize the same Dreamweaver site for displaying on both desktops and mobile devices and offer a similar user experience. 

best web development software 2021, software needed for web development

Wix Is Web Development Software for Individuals Looking for Readymade Templates

When it comes to popularity Wix can beat even the most feature-filled web development tool. This website builder can be useful even for individuals who have zero knowledge of coding.

Wix will allow you to choose from a range of products and plans. The good news is that the software even has a free version. Indeed, the free version of web development software would give you access to limited bandwidth and storage (500MB). However, you’ll not have much to complain about as you move up the ladder and subscribe to an advanced plan.

The biggest highlight of Wix is its template bank. It provides users with a collection of more than 500 templates, which makes the design process much simpler for them. Next, comes the software’s drag-and-drop editor. It comes with every feature and tool you may need to create a modern website by using web development software. These include image editor, animations, video backgrounds, integrated website blog, social buttons, and more.

The most recent addition to the already fascinating list of Wix features is Wix Turbo. You can use Turbo to improve your site’s performance and speed substantially.

WordPress Comes with the Best Custom Options for Novices

WordPress is different from most other software in this list. It’s not exactly a website builder. It’s a CMS or content management system. People use this web development software to create websites primarily because they can use it to develop new websites in just a few minutes.  

best web development software 2021, software needed for web development

When building a site, WordPress will allow you to choose from pre-existing design templates. However, if you want, you can use the tool also when working with a design of your own. WordPress’s drag-and-drop feature will allow you to proceed without any knowledge of coding or programming.

Often, you’ll see yourself creating a website just with a few clicks thanks to the wide array of add-ons you can download and install.

Weebly - Amazing Web Development Software for People Looking to Create Ecommerce Sites

This one is also a content management system. You can use it effectively with little or zero coding knowledge. The software is particularly useful for creating online stores. It provides users with access to templates boasting features you want a perfect eCommerce platform to possess.

You may not like the fact that Weebly doesn’t have too many themes to choose from. Still, web development software enjoys immense popularity thanks to its ability to produce professional and clean designs. One thing that makes every Weebly theme special is its responsive nature. They work equally well with mobile devices and desktops. The other highlights of the software include in-built analytics, SEO, and ad-posting features for Facebook.

You can begin your tryst with Weebly by signing up for the basic, free version. However, to use a custom domain, you’ll need to buy a paid plan.

Final Words

When it comes to software needed for web development, the list above includes the most sought-after names. The one thing that’s common in all these tools is their simplicity. They don’t make the process of creating a website complex. However, the web development software allows users to create responsive, attractive, and feature-filled websites.

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