Online Marketing with Google Maps

If you want your business to be successful in the present era, you must identify and implement the right online marketing techniques. One technique you cannot do without if you want to make your digital marketing campaign successful in increasing visibility on Google Maps.


Potential clients/customers prefer to deal with businesses that have a strong online presence. Google Maps will allow you to do just that. This amazing Google service will help you to become prominent in the digital world quickly and seamlessly. The section below will help you to understand what makes Google Maps such an important digital marketing tool.

An Introduction to Google Map-Based Online Marketing

Google Map-based online marketing will make your business visible on Google Maps using various optimization techniques. The optimization will help you to rank high on search results and this, in turn, will allow your business to reach more people. The better the optimization of your profile, the more your chances of showing up on Google Maps searches made for your type of business in your region.

Why Should Businesses Always Use Google Maps Marketing?

According to recent numbers, the search engine giant manages around 3.5 billion searches every day. This accounts for more than 87% of all searches conducted on mobile phones. What’s more, local Google searches have extremely high possibilities of getting converted into sales. As much as 76% of people, who search for local products, visit a nearby store within 24 hours.


These numbers are enough to prove that Google Maps marketing changes Google’s perception about a business for the better.

While the above numbers are inspiring enough, there are more encouraging statistics in store for you.

  • Around one-third of all searches conducted on mobile phones are location-based.
  • During the past year, the frequency of location-based searches has increased 50% more rapidly than general mobile searches.
  • Searches conducted on Maps and guide users to more than 1.5 billion destinations annually. 

How You Can Use Google Maps for More Effective Online Marketing?

If you want to show up high on Google Maps, reach more potential customers, and make more sales, you must follow a few optimization tips. Read on to know about them.

  • Like local website SEO, which requires both off-page and on-page optimizations, business listing SEO would require both off-listing and on-listing optimizations.
  • You must understand that Google Maps will rank your business only if it appears trustworthy. One way of proving the reliability of your business is by maintaining consistency of data all over the web. The following example explains the point further.

Suppose you run a company named “North Shore Cleaning Wizards”. You must ensure that the name of the company mentioned on the Dashboard of your Google My Business account is exactly the same. Even minor variations will not do during. The company’s name must remain the same across every other online property you have. Examples include your Facebook profile, Yelp listing, website, and so on. You must remain equally consistent even when it comes to your address and other contact info.

  • Google doesn’t like businesses that ask potential customers to contact them on toll-free numbers. That’s because those numbers are often used for making spam calls during online marketing. To get brownie points from Google, allow interested customers to contact you on a local phone number (mention the number along with your area code).
  • The business listings on Google Maps inform users whether the business in question is open or closed. Users even get to know whether a business is closing or opening soon from those listings. What’s more, during the pandemic these listings informed interested customers whether a particular store had been temporarily closed.

If your potential customers know the exact operational hours of your business, they will arrive on time. This will automatically increase your chances of making more sales through online marketing. To enjoy the maximum benefits of listing your business on Google Maps, keep updating your operational hours at regular intervals. Google will consider the regular updates as a sign that your business is active and rank you higher.

Final Words

If you want Google Maps-based online marketing to take your business to greater heights, you can seek professional assistance from a reputable local SEO company. Experts representing the company will help you to get your business listed on Maps and also ensure that it achieves a high rank.

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