How Google's Product Review Update Affects Your Ecommerce Site?

Consumer reviews are not only a piece of information or feedback. It is an insight into how professional the company is and how it treats its customers. The Google’s product review update rolled out by the search engine was beneficial for both users and businesses. It maintains online reputation and one can automate responses to expand the conversation that proves its authenticity.


Google, the search engine giant, announces algorithm updates every year. They are either Panda or penguin updates (two major updates). The product review update was specially for the ecommerce industry growth and users who were using e-commerce websites to purchase products of their choice.

An online user jumps to the review section first before they decide online purchase. It is also advised to check reviews before making a purchase decision. Another factor that makes review important for a product/service is to build trustworthiness. Users would love to buy a product that has eight out of ten positive reviews and five stars.

What Was The Google’s Product Review Update?

Google, through one of its e-commerce updates, launched the product review update for businesses and online users. The update was focusing to rank authentic reviews of a product/service on the top to read and decide. It was essential for consumers before buying a product as they can rationally think and invest to receive a good product.


Google decided to show all the detailed reviews that dealt with product features and how comfortable it was for the user. Such reviews will influence users to purchase the product. However, other one-liner reviews or short reviews that don’t discuss much will be placed later in the list. It also gave priority to the most recent and helpful reviews.

Most e-commerce services and their products have reviews at the bottom. For marketers with wrong e-selling strategies have to face negative reviews.

How Google’s Product Review Update Is Affecting Buyers’ Decision?

The biggest advantage of product review updates was for users who were perplexed completing their purchase decision. Through the update, users will go through the detailed aspects of the other user experience and decide accordingly. It is better to read these reviews rather than reading hundreds of one-liner reviews. These reviews are an open line to consumers and essential for the brands to develop and improve as per their needs.

These reviews are an open line to consumers and essential for the brands to develop and improve as per their need. Today social media is one of the powerful platforms to generate leads and revenue for the business. Most advertisers, as per their product type, choose the best social media platforms to showcase their business. Like a Google's product review, Facebook also has a review section for the users where they can express their reviews for others. Twitter is the platform where users can tag a business to appreciate or complain.


On the other end, Instagram is the tool where the youth population congregates for entertainment and search for their requirements. So, marketers can target audiences on these platforms and request to post a review for better branding. Also, such reviews help your content to rank higher and fetch organic traffic.

What Should Be The Exact Components Of A Good Product Review?

Today, e-commerce business use e-commerce solutions for proper branding. However, they should know how reviews are important for their online branding. Here are some components of a good quality review as per Google’s product review update that every user should follow for High-Quality Product Reviews:

Include Visual Information For More Clarity:

People love to see images and remember more visuals than texts. In the case of reviews, the user should give the exact photos of the product along with the feedback.

Provide Links In The Description Or Wherever Possible:

Links have importance as it redirects the user to the same landing page. However, spamming is wrong. Along with the reviews, the user can add any helpful links for other users.

Are Competitor Products Better?

Compare the product with the competitor's product. Mention in detail what is missing or any additional feature along with the conclusion. Give more information other than the manufacturer like: How is the look and feel, any difficulty in using the product, any missing feature, etc.

Are you a successful marketer managing online reviews? If not, check your portals and manage them regularly. Follow the Google’s product review update to provide better e-commerce services and target an online audience for revenue generation.

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