What Are the Top 2022 Ecommerce Trends?

The year 2021 was quite eventful for online businesses. While the pandemic forced these enterprises to experience major supply chain breakdowns, the hurdles also resulted in amazing technological advancements. The year 2022 promises to be more action-packed. The section below talks about the top 2022 eCommerce trends that would help you to make your online business more profitable.

Voice Shopping Would Top Any List of 2022 Ecommerce Trends

The past couple of years has seen a significant rise in product searches and purchases using smart speakers. According to experts, this habit of buyers will become more dominant in 2022. Recently obtained numbers suggest that the next twelve months might see consumers buy products and services worth over $40 billion using voice shopping.


Almost 41% of users on Amazon, the most popular eCommerce platform in the United States, have shown their interest in using Amazon Alexa for searching and ordering. Experts believe that this change has occurred primarily because voice commerce helps buyers to interact with the business and receive relevant recommendations instantly.

If you are planning to incorporate voice shopping on your online store, keep the following in mind:

  • Your eCommerce strategy should involve optimization of content
  • You must emphasize search volume
  • You must have a shopping website as well as a shopping app
  • The voice command should function well, and buyers should be able to purchase goods/services seamlessly using the voice assistant

2022 eCommerce Trends Will Include Personalization of Products

According to a recent study, 80% of today’s consumers expect retailers to offer personalization. In other words, modern-day buyers are ready to spend more on companies offering them personalized products and promotions. According to experts, other than boosting sales personalization helps in creating long-term brand loyalty.

If you have plans of personalizing eCommerce marketing and products for your potential customers, keep the following in mind:

  • Focus more on the process of data accumulation and analysis
  • Use technologies for distributing marketing offers like personalized popups and promotional/follow-up emails

Omnichannel Is the Future of Ecommerce

Gone are the days when Omnichannel was categorized as a weird concept. Still, merchants confuse omnichannel and multichannel. So, if you want to follow this trend, you must first know what omnichannel is.


The term “omnichannel” refers to a business model that will allow you to sell on all platforms buyers are looking to purchase your products from. Examples of these platforms include online stores, offline stores, social platforms, mobile apps, and more. In this business model, all operations get managed from a centralized hub.

The most prominent advantages that make omnichannel one of the most sought-after 2022 eCommerce trends:

  • You’ll be able to reach more touchpoints and thereby attract more clients
  • Consumers will enjoy a more streamlined buying experience, which will trigger repeat purchases
  • Recent numbers suggest that businesses opting for omnichannel can see their profit rise by 30% thanks to the significant drop in inventory costs

Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Rule

As the entire world is becoming digital, the importance of AR and AI is increasing with every passing day. Are you still confused between the two terms? The following segment talks about their applications in eCommerce and thereby should help you in clearing the confusion.

Augmented reality or AR helps in offering consumers with offline store-like experience. The introduction of AR has made it easier for companies selling clothing, jewelry, home décor items, cosmetics, and more. to adopt eCommerce. Artificial intelligence or AI, on the other hand, helps businesses to analyze the past behavior of potential/existing customers and make recommendations based on them.

Video Commerce Is the Need of the Hour

When it comes to 2022 eCommerce Trends, you cannot ignore video commerce. Today’s consumers are extremely lazy. The majority of them don’t have the patience to read long write-ups to know about a product or service. To entice these people, you must use more creative and effective content.


You can create videos that provide your target audience with all the required information about your offering. As videos feature both sound and image, people will get a more intense view of your products, which will improve your conversion rate significantly.

Final Words

If you want to follow the above-mentioned 2022 eCommerce trends effectively, you should seek professional help. For best results, you should hire experts representing a top company offering eCommerce solutions.

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