How to Improve Ecommerce Marketing with Google Retail Search?

Imagine yourself to be a shopper searching for a product on an ecommerce website only to find the results aren’t relevant- or even worse, there are no search results at all. How annoying it can be, right? Poor product discovery can affect customer experience and cause them to leave your site – regardless of how much effort you have put in ecommerce marketing.

According to a survey, on average 94% of U.S. consumers abandon a shopping session because they get unrelated search results. This is known as “search abandonment.” Most ecommerce websites have built-in search capabilities. However, they often fail to make it easier for buyers to discover a product. Poor product discovery leaves shoppers frustrated and they tend to stop shopping midway. This can result in significant losses for ecommerce businesses.


Keeping this in mind, Google recently launched “Retail Search” that allows online businesses to power their storefronts with “Google-quality search.” This cutting-edge feature understands the user’s context and intent – showing the most relevant product search results. Hence, an ecommerce business can improve their product discovery and overall shopping experience across multiple digital touchpoints.

In this blog, let’s understand how Google’s Retail Search can help boost your power your ecommerce marketing strategy and drive increased conversions.

What is Google Retail Search?

Retail Search is an advanced eCommerce tool that Google has launched recently. It allows online retailers to deliver the audiences with most relevant and contextual search and product recommendations on their websites. According to Google,”

“Now, through the power of Retail Search, when a shopper searches for a “long black dress with short sleeves and comfortable fit” on an ecommerce site, they should immediately get results for precisely that—rather than refining their search multiple times, or worse, giving up their shopping journey.

Google allows retailers to fully manage and tailor Retail Search on their domains. This enables them to customize audiences’ shopping experiences to drive improved engagement and conversions.

How to Use Google Retail Search?


There are various ways you can integrate Google’s new product discovery feature into your ecommerce marketing strategy. This will enable you to improve user experience on your website, engage them meaningfully, and boost conversions. These are the cornerstones of building a future-proof ecommerce website.

  1. Match the User’s Search Context and Intent

One of the primary reasons of search abandonment is – users do not get relevant product results when they search on an ecommerce store. Hence, your objective should be to provide search results that match the user’s context and intent. Retail Search is powered by artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art search query understanding. This helps deliver better product searches and recommendations.

  1. Deliver Customer-Focused Search Experiences

With Retail Search, you can transform shopping experiences for your target customers. Integrating this feature into your ecommerce store will allow potential buyers to find the most relevant products they are looking for. Google does this by identifying product search results that are most contextual and intuitive. The giant search engine has incredible expertise in search indexing and ranking – enabling retailers to curate customized shopping experiences.

Some of the key capabilities of Retail Search that can improve your ecommerce marketing efforts are:

  • Semantic Search: It matches different product attributes with your content to help aid in fast and relevant product search.
  • Advanced Query Understanding: AI-powered search query understanding allows generating relevant results for even broad queries as well as non-product searches.
  • Privacy and Security Practices: This helps ensure your data remains highly secure and confidential. It is used only to produce the most relevant search results on your ecommerce store.
  • Optimized Results: Retail Search leverages ranking models and user interaction to generate optimized results that meet your business goals.
  1. Add More Value with Other Product Discovery Solutions


Google Cloud offers a full suite of Product Discovery Solutions that can help streamline shopping experiences and improve operational efficiency for retailers. In addition to Retail Search, there are:

  • Vision Product Search: Allows users to find products with an image.
  • Recommendations AI: It can help understand customer behavior, search intent, and SKUs to drive improved engagement through the most relevant recommendations.

Together with these tools, Retail Search can help deliver an improved search experience on your ecommerce website.


Supercharge your ecommerce marketing campaign by integrating Google Retail Search. Improving users’ search experience on your ecommerce store can help drive better engagement and higher conversions.

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