5 Best Practices for Google Product Listing Ads

The success of an eCommerce store depends on the ability to attract more customers and drive sales. And when it comes to getting potential customers, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are one of the primary traffic sources. They allow merchants to strategically position and showcase their products when users search for them, driving instant attention and more clicks.

So, what are Product Listing Ads? Also known as Shopping Ads, PLAs are ads that enable eCommerce storefronts to promote their products when a customer does a product-related search on Google. The ads are unique and more result-driven than standard text-based ads because they include product images, a short description, up-to-date pricing information, and reviews.

A significant advantage of Google Shopping Ads is they are positioned prominently to catch the attention of potential customers. The ads typically appear above text-based search ads and organic search engine results in Google. So, the ads are likely to be the first thing your prospects will see. The ads can also show up on the right of the search engine result page. The ads appear more prominently if the searcher clicks the ‘shopping’ tab in Google.

Simply put, product ads allow marketers to reach potential customers right at the time of conversion. This can help drive more clicks and generate higher sales. So, if you want to create a high-converting eCommerce marketing funnel, it must include Product Listing Ads.

product listing ads

Essential Tips for Product Listing Ads on Google

Here are some valuable tips to optimize the performance of your PLAs and drive better conversions.

1. Precise Product Segmentation is Crucial

The default setting for Google Shopping Ads is “All products.” But for effective targeting and bidding, it is crucial that you segment the products into different groups. Begin with broader segments, such as product category and type. Then, if there is scope for further sectioning, continue to segment the products using focused attributes.

For instance, “Electronics” can be your broad category, which you can further segment into “Phones,” “Laptops,” and “Tablets.” You can now segment each of these subdivisions based on focused attributes, such as models, brands, custom labels, item IDs, etc. The advantage of doing this is you can have complete bid coverage, reach a more targeted audience, optimize your bids, and have greater visibility of product performance.

2. Optimize Your Product Listings

A lot of aspects go into optimizing your product listing ads. Discussed here are a few proven product listing optimization tactics for you:

  • The product category must be precise and specific to increase click-through rate and drive conversion
  • Leverage your brand’s power by including it in the product title
  • Custom labels further help categorize the products based on your marketing goals
  • Write clear product titles and descriptions that will entice your customers to click
  • Use clear, relevant, and eye-catchy images that will attract the attention of searchers
  • Offer bonuses or discounts to click on your ads

3. Add Enhancements to Get More Attention

Enhancements are a great way to improve the performance of your PLAs and garner more sales. Some of the options you have are:

  • Product ratings: This can be a piece of critical information for potential customers to make an informed purchase decision. To be eligible, your product must have at least 3 reviews, a 5-star rating system, and also provide the total review count.
  • Special offers: This enhancement helps feature special promotions along with your ad. While Google does not charge you additionally for this feature, your CPC pricing for product listing ads will still apply.
  • Google Customer Reviews: This helps collect and showcase feedback from customers who have already purchased from your site.

google product listing ads

4. Create Both Branded and Non-Branded Ad Campaigns

To make the most of your PLAs and drive relevant traffic, create two shopping campaigns – branded and non-branded. For non-branded campaigns, you can add your brand as a negative keyword, and vice versa. This enables you to set the bid and budget appropriately for both brand and non-brand searches.

5. Review the Merchant Center Regularly

Finally, check on your Merchant Center to identify errors, bottlenecks, or violations that your PLAs might be exposed to. At the same time, it helps monitor your campaign performance and take necessary steps to optimize the same.

The Bottom Line

For an eCommerce business of any size, it is important to have a strong presence wherever and whenever potential customers search for products. Product listing ads provide an option to position your products strategically and persuade your customers to buy. This helps generate more clicks, increased sales, and higher ROI.

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