How to Use Etsy Ads to Grow the Visibility of Your Products?

With over 81.9 million buyers worldwide, Etsy is the go-to marketplace for more than 60 million products in every category you could probably imagine. While the eCommerce platform may not be as big as giant marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, it brings designers, crafters, artists, and other sellers from across the globe – focusing on artistry instead of commercial products. To put it simply, Etsy is a thriving and diverse online marketplace that is the perfect choice for sellers who have niche products. If you want to drive the visibility of your products and reach active buyers who are genuinely interested to buy, then Etsy Ads is the best option. The paid advertising program allows you to promote your product listing and connect to target customers easily and quickly.

how to use Etsy ads

The competition can be tough on Etsy. And advertising may be one of the best ways to outsmart your competitors, build brand awareness, and create a strong audience base. Additionally, Etsy advertising is cost-effective and may deliver a higher ROI than other advertising options. Read on to know how to use advertising as an effective eCommerce marketing tool to promote your products on Etsy.

How to Run Etsy Ads?

Etsy provides two paid advertising options – Google Shopping Ads and Promoted Listings. Google Shopping allows you to advertise your products on Google search results. On the other hand, promoted listings enable you to promote the products on Etsy. You can seamlessly manage both product listings from your Etsy advertising dashboard. 

 Here’s how to set up and run your Etsy ads:

  • Create a merchant account on
  • Next, click Shop Manager, select Marketing, and choose Advertising
  • Now pick the product listings you want to promote. If you are already advertising on Etsy, you can change your advertised listings from here
  • Set up a daily budget, i.e., the maximum amount you want to spend on the ad; your minimum ad spend must be $1
  • Click the option ‘Start Advertising’ and you are ready to go

So, where will your ads be shown? When you advertise on Etsy, the ads may be shown on various platforms such as Etsy Search, Market Pages, Category Pages, and the Etsy app. Through effective advertising, your products can stand out in Etsy searches. This makes it easier to reach your target audiences who are more likely to purchase. Additionally, you can leverage Etsy’s expertise and data insights to further optimize your Etsy ads and maximize the reach.

Simple Tips to Grow the Visibility of Your Products with Etsy Ads

Setting up an Etsy advertising campaign is simple and quick. However, you’d want to make sure the ads outperform the competition, build brand awareness, and drive increased sales. Here are some valuable tips for you:

Etsy ads

  • Pick the right products:

When it comes to Promoted Listings on Etsy, not all products will perform well. Therefore, you need to choose the products wisely. For instance, it does not make sense to advertise your handmade Christmas gifts in the off-season because it will not result in higher ROI. Hence, it is important to optimize your eCommerce product listing to stay relevant and drive increased sales.

  • Use relevant keywords:

Want to improve the visibility of your Etsy ads? Find relevant, high-performing keywords and use them strategically in your ad copy. The keywords must be included in your product titles, product descriptions, and tags that searchers use to find similar products. Use a good keyword research tool to create a comprehensive list of related keywords. You should also integrate a few negative keywords to prevent irrelevant traffic from clicking the ad.

  • Include high-quality product images:

Eye-catchy, relevant product images are a great way to attract the attention of your potential customers. You can also integrate attractive videos to make the ad stand out.

  • Continuously test and optimize your ads:

To ensure your ads reach the right audiences and trigger them to purchase, test different ad variations and targeting options. This will help you identify what clicks best with your target audiences. As you test and optimize your campaigns, it will help you achieve the right budget, targeting option, and ad variation.

how to use Etsy ads


To create a high-converting eCommerce funnel and drive sales for your Etsy shop, it is imperative to leverage the potential of Etsy ads. Follow the above strategies to grow the visibility of your products and drive increased sales.

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