Where to Sell Handmade Items- Top Things you should Know

Knowing where to sell handmade items will help you showcase your crafting skills to buyers. Handmade products have always been special. It always feels good to purchase anything made by a talented individual with their own hands.

Craft items have a personal appeal than mass-produced goods. When looking to sell handmade items, it is a great idea to diversify and sell on more than one platform. Selling on more than one platform will ensure that your crafts get more exposure.

The market for handmade products might have commenced as a niche industry. However, by 2021, the global handicrafts market had grown to a value of more than $700 million. Online platforms are actively helping crafters to target larger audiences.

where to sell handmade items

Selling handmade items may be a profitable business model for creative entrepreneurs. Modern users frequently buy crafts for aesthetic and practical use. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating something yourself. Here are some essential aspects to know about selling your handmade goods.

Where to Sell Handmade Items and their Significance

Before knowing the platforms to sell your crafts, you should know their significance. It is also essential for any seller to be aware of ecommerce product listing strategies. Listing your crafts for sale on online platforms has its advantages. Here are some of the perks associated with selling your crafts on online platforms.

· Home-based Business Opportunity

By selling handmade crafts online, you can operate your entire business from the comfort of your home.

· Unlimited Market

Selling on online platforms is beneficial as you can access a wide variety of audiences.

· Flexibility

When you establish a business for selling crafts, you’re your own boss. Moreover, you can design products at your own convenience.

Moreover, selling your crafts online is a lot more fun. You will get the opportunity to brand your products and market them in a vast marketplace. You can even create a social presence for your brand for more engagement.

where to sell handmade items

Where to Sell Handmade Items- Amazon Handmade

Amazon launched Handmade in 2015. It is a marketplace program for selling handcrafted goods. Sellers listing their handcrafted items on Amazon Handmade should know about ecommerce SEO. It is rapidly becoming one of the best places to list your crafts.

As a handmade seller, your items will appear alongside other goods on Amazon. Moreover, they fall under the “handmade” category. One of the key reasons to list your items on Amazon Handmade is its popularity. Amazon has a global presence, and people worldwide will be able to see your listing.

But to reach Amazon’s global customer base, you’ll need to have your listings translated for each country’s Amazon website. Amazon deducts a 15% referral fee from sales. You don’t have to pay additional listing fees or payment processing fees.

It is tough to beat the reach of Amazon with its vast customer base. Note that there is an application process for joining, and you may have to wait for 48 hours. By understanding where to sell handmade items, you can build your own customer base.

Sell your Crafts on Etsy

Etsy is the largest online marketplace for selling handmade crafts. Thanks to Etsy, many artists and crafters are able to convert their hobbies into full-fledged businesses. Before listing your products on Etsy, you should be aware of their listing fees. The fees also include products with multiple quantities. Etsy’s fees are one of its biggest cons.

how to sell handmade items online

Just Artisan for Crafters

Just Artisan is a new handmade marketplace launched in 2020. Despite being new, it is already popular among numerous crafters. If you want a global exposure for your handmade crafts, list them at the Just Artisan. It offers free monthly membership plans that are great for part-time crafters. You should know where to sell handmade items to connect with potential audiences online.

It is always a great idea to diversify your income portfolio. If you have a knack for crafting things, consider listing them on the online marketplaces. It is essential to understand where to sell handmade items to get the best value for your creativity.

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