Etsy SEO Tips 101: How to Get Found on Etsy and Cut the Noise?

Etsy is the best place to sell creative and unique products, with over 90 million active buyers in 2021. More interestingly, 36.3 million of them are repeat buyers, which is a 121% increase since the year 2019. And when there are more shoppers visiting Etsy, it means more potential customers and increased sales for sellers on Etsy. However, the competition is cut-throat and it is important to have a definitive Etsy SEO strategy in place.

So, what is SEO for Etsy? It is the process of optimizing your online shop, product listings, and other elements to improve rankings in Google as well as in Etsy’s search function. But it is a complex field and can be intimidating to start off with. Therefore, we have compiled 5 effective tips that can help improve your SEO search results.

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1. Know how Etsy search works

Before you can optimize your shop for improved search engine rankings, it is important to understand how Etsy search works. To determine a product listing’s rankings in search results, the platform takes into consideration eight crucial factors that include:

  • Quality score of the listing
  • Relevance
  • Market experience and customer score
  • Recency
  • Language and translations
  • Shipping price
  • Shoppers’ habits
  • Shop location

In addition to these factors, the platform also ranks product listings using Context-Specific Ranking (CSR) technology. It helps learn which products the buyers are more likely to purchase.

Now, that you know how your search listings are ranked, here are other Etsy SEO tips that can help improve your visibility and cut the competition.

2. Select a Suitable Shop Title That is Relevant to Your Products

The title describes what your Etsy shop is all about, products, and your brand value. Therefore, it should be an impactful one that lets your audiences know what you sell. It is the first thing that a user will see when your shop is ranked in Google or Etsy search engine. So, think of a title that describes the type of products you sell.

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And if you want your shoppers to find your product listings by your actual name, then you can also include it in the shop title. This will make your products easily discoverable.

3. Include High-Quality Photos

It is said, a picture speaks a thousand words. And when it comes to Etsy SEO, pictures play an integral role. According to Etsy, product images influence purchase decisions significantly and often outweighs other factors like customer reviews, shipping costs, price, etc.

The platform allows adding up to 10 product pictures, so make sure you choose wisely. This may help improve your rankings significantly.

4. Select the Right Keywords

Keyword research is an essential element when it comes to SEO for Etsy. This is because the platform typically ranks shops that use the keywords most relevant to a searcher’s intent. So, you need to think like a buyer if you want to discover the right keywords. Additionally, you also need to perform competitor research to understand which keywords they are getting ranked for.

There are several free and paid keyword research tools that can help you get in-depth keyword data as well as help with keyword suggestions, content ideas, backlinks, etc. Make sure you place the most relevant keywords in titles, attributes, and categories for effective Etsy SEO. This can help maximize your visibility and improve organic SEO rankings. 

etsy seo

5. Get Quality Backlinks

Just like any other website, backlinks are critical to SEO for Etsy shops. This is because high-quality backlinks can help establish authority and trust. Some of the most effective ways to get quality backlinks are:

  • Posting high-quality, original and engaging content that adds value to the shoppers
  • Reaching out to your target audiences by identifying different platforms where you can engage with them and build meaningful conversations
  • Get social on different social networking channels


As you set up your store, ready to sell on Etsy, it is important that you make your products easily found. And this is possible only with a definitive Etsy SEO strategy in place. Follow these tips to optimize your shop and product listings, and boost search engine visibility.

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