Top 4 Site Search Best Practices in Ecommerce Marketing

The world of ecommerce marketing is ever-changing, introducing new trends and challenges for virtual storefronts. In this scenario, it is important to build a future-proof ecommerce website that offers user-friendly shopping experiences and better returns for your business. With consumers’ online behavior changing rapidly, offering a user-friendly ‘site search’ experience is a key element that ecommerce businesses should not underestimate.

What is Ecommerce Site Search?

The competition is cut-throat in the ecommerce market and customer acquisition has become more complex than ever. Providing meaningful user experiences has now gained importance for ecommerce businesses to sustain and grow. This is where optimizing your ecommerce site search experience comes into the picture.

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So, what is an ecommerce site search?

‘Site search’ is an ecommerce search engine solution that you can integrate into your virtual storefront, allowing users to query your product database and pull up related search results. Optimizing users’ site search experience is a powerful ecommerce marketing strategy today. This is because 80% of website visitors will leave your ecommerce store due to a lack of relevant search, seamless website navigation, or proper product information.

So, it is important to follow the industry best practices that can help optimize and improve your site search experience.

Ecommerce Site Search Best Practices to Follow in 2022 & Beyond

Discussed here are the top design features and capabilities that your ecommerce business should follow to offer an improved site search experience to the users. 

1) Ensure Your Ecommerce Site Search Bar is Highly Visible

Unless your site search box is easy to spot, your store visitors cannot use it. That means they would need to navigate through countless menus, product categories, and products to find the most relevant ones. And this can be frustrating. Therefore, make the search box clearly visible so that users can easily use the function whenever they need direction in finding a product.

As an effective ecommerce marketing tactic, position the site search bar in a central location, ideally above the fold. It should stand out on the page, especially for ecommerce stores that are content-heavy.

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2) Facilitate Product Search Through Filters

Successful ecommerce websites improve their site search experiences by integrating filters. Adding faceted search helps refine search results and get the most relevant results easily and quickly. Let’s take it – your store visitors do not have the patience and time to navigate through over 800+ products to find what they are looking for.

Using faceted filters can help narrow down the search results and have the most relevant ones based on their unique preferences. This may help speed up the buying process. Depending on your products, the most widely used filters you can integrate are price, color, size, brand, etc.

3) Make Space for Autocomplete and Typos

Do not expect all your website visitors to exactly spell product names or even be sure of what they are looking for. Ensure your site search function allows space for errors and typos. This will help improve the scope of site search and boost your ecommerce marketing results. Additionally, also integrate autocomplete or autosuggest feature in your ecommerce site search. This means when a user starts to type something into the search bar, the search engine will automatically show categories or products that are most relevant to the user’s search term.

The advantage is that your visitors will be able to find the product more accurately and quickly. Additionally, autosuggestions can also aid in cross-selling or upselling sometimes. And you can boost ecommerce sales by 24% by integrating autocomplete into your site search function. It enables ecommerce stores to better understand what the buyers are looking for and offer an enhanced user experience. It is also an effective way to market specific merchandise in a helpful and natural way.

4) Offer Personalized Search Results

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To deliver effective ecommerce solutions, more online stores are now considering offering personalized search results. This involves generating the most relevant product/content search results that are related to what the buyers are looking for. Personalized search results are based on user profiles, previous behaviors on your site, search patterns, and preferences. By offering the most relevant and accurate search results, you can improve the user experience significantly.


Following these site search best practices can help augment user experience on your online store and drive better results for your ecommerce marketing efforts.

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