How to Get Started With Amazon Affiliate Programs and Sell Online?

With 300 million active users globally, Amazon is undoubtedly an ecommerce-shopping phenomenon. According to Insider Intelligence, Amazon is projected to account for 40% of the U.S. ecommerce market in 2022. With the lucrative business opportunities that this ecommerce platform offers, many sellers are considering capitalizing on it to generate sales. For those who do not have the resources or capital to sell directly on this platform, Amazon affiliate programs are the best option.

What is Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs, providing an opportunity for publishers, bloggers, and content creators to monetize their website traffic. If you have an active website, YouTube channel, blog, or mobile application with hundreds of followers, you can become an Amazon affiliate and start your online business.

Amazon Affiliate Programs

The platform literally has millions of products, opening up uncountable opportunities for you to sell and earn revenues. Amazon Associates typically use “link-building” tactic to direct their audiences or followers to their product recommendations and get a commission from every qualifying purchase. Remember, it is different from selling products directly through Amazon Seller Central because as an affiliate, you do not need to hold an inventory of products.

How Does Amazon Associates Program Work?

Joining the Amazon Associates program is pretty straightforward. If you want to join Amazon affiliate programs, here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign in with your Amazon account username or password. If you do not have one, click here and create your Amazon account. All you would need is your name, email id, and password.
  • Next, complete the Amazon Associates application by entering your website address and a preferred store ID
  • Explain details of how you generate traffic to your website or blog
  • Select a suitable payment method

Amazon will review the application and if it meets the qualifying criteria, it will get approved and you can start selling on Amazon Associates as an affiliate. Once you set up an account and it gets approved, you can create an Amazon Affiliate Link.

Curating high-quality and engaging content, which also includes affiliate links, is an important part of e-selling through Amazon affiliate marketing. When someone on your website or blog clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission. The commission amount will vary between 1% and 20% depending on the product category.

How Much Commission I Can Make from Amazon Affiliate Programs?

Your earnings as an Amazon Associates affiliate will vary depending on several factors:

Amazon Affiliate Programs

 So, from a few bucks to six figures annually, your earnings will depend on how excellent an affiliate marketer you are.

Effective Tips to Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Income

Just because Amazon is the king of ecommerce shopping does not mean selling products as an affiliate would be easy. It isn’t enough to set up an account and place the affiliate link in your website or blog. To make the program work, you need definitive strategies that can drive more people and boost your affiliate income.

1. Choose a Suitable Niche

To build trust and credibility as an Amazon affiliate, it is crucial to establish yourself in a particular niche. Eventually, it will become your specialty, which can help drive more revenues from Amazon affiliate programs.

As a general rule of thumb, choose a category in which you have genuine interest or knowledge. This will enable you to understand the pain points of consumers in this niche, address the same as an expert, and market the products easily.

2. Promote. Do Not Push

The idea is to create original and engaging content related to the niche you are targeting, and intelligently include the affiliate link – without sounding salesy. For instance, if you want to sell women’s clothing and accessories, you can curate a blog around “5 must-haves in every woman’s winter closet.” The affiliate links can be naturally included in the content, promoting them generically and not being too assertive.

Amazon Associates Program

Other content ideas include writing product reviews, product comparisons, social media posts, etc.


Amazon affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to establish your online presence, start selling online, and drive a steady source of passive income. If you are not sure how to optimize your Amazon Associates account, consult a good ecommerce marketing company that can help you set up your affiliate program and earn commissions.

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