How to Do Link Building The Right Way?

How to Do Link Building The Right Way?

So, you’ve built an awesome website and created content that add value to your consumers. But that does not mean it will rank at top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). To outrank other websites in the competition, it is important to establish “authority”. And link building is an effective tool that helps build your brand, amplify your content and nurture your target audience.

Google’s Andrey Lipattsev reveals that “links” are one of the top three ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm. So, if you want to boost your search engine rankings and establish authority on the SERPs, having effective link building strategies is important.

What is Link Building?

Link building is an SEO practice of building one-way hyperlinks to an authoritative website with the purpose of improving your search engine rankings. When high-rank websites link back to your site, it sends a signal to Google that your website is a high-quality resource that is worthy of citation.


Therefore, websites with quality backlinks tend to have a higher page ranking and drive referral traffic.

Doing It The Right Way

Link building is an integral element of a successful SEO strategy. The tactic delivers effective results when high-quality, relevant and credible websites link back to your site. This will enable your website to establish a robust and healthy backlink profile, helping improve your page rankings on Google SERP and drive more organic traffic.

However, link building is also one of the most complex SEO strategies. Often, website owners adopt black-hat link-building methods to get more links directed to their websites. While doing so, they do not judge the quality of the websites they are linked to. Rather, they engage in link spamming which can negatively impact their online visibility, and website rankings too.

In some cases, toxic link building tactics can even get your website penalized by Google. Hence, it is crucial to leverage proven, white-hat techniques that can help build quality backlinks.


The below comparison will help you understand the differences between white-hat and black-hat link building tactics:

Good Link Building

Bad Link Building

Reciprocal Linking: Avoid reciprocal linking (“Link to me and I will link back to you”) excessively. Link exchange is good but only when it makes sense from the user’s standpoint.  

Reciprocal Linking: Excessive link exchange or having partner pages only for the purpose of cross-linking can negatively impact your website’s ranking in SERPs.

To Buy Links or Not: Spend time and money in creating high-quality content and marketing your website in a way that drives natural backlinks.

To Buy Links or Not: Buying backlinks to improve your website rankings breaches Google’s ranking guidelines and can result in penalties.

Blogposts and Forum Comments: When you engage in an active forum discussion or comment on blogposts that are relevant to your website, then it makes sense to share a relevant link.

Blogposts and Forum Comments: Irrelevant and spammy blog or forum comments with links in the signature or post can hurt your website rankings.

Guest posting & Article Marketing: Instead of stuffing the anchor text of articles and guest posts with commercial keywords, using navigational phrases and brand keywords is a good option.

Guest posting & Article Marketing: It is a black-hat technique to stuff articles and press releases with over-optimized anchor texts and distribute them on other websites.

Simple Tips for Proven Link Building Strategies

Link building for SEO is not easy, but here are some white-hat techniques that can deliver quality results if practiced effectively.

  • Build relationships: For proven link-building, it is crucial to establish good relationships. Begin by engaging with niche-related communities like social groups, blogs or forums – relevant posts, comments and discussions.
  • Find high-quality links: Determining the quality of the website linking to you is a crucial link building This includes checking the authority of the site, its link position on the search engine, and the relevancy of the site.
  • Request for backlinks: Find high-quality and relevant websites in your niche and request them for backlinks.
  • Start a blog: Regular blog posting that adds value to your readers is an effective tool to build authority and generate quality links.


Finally, hiring a professional SEO company can help you with dedicated link building, building your website authority and boosting page rankings. Hire expert SEO services and they will implement proven white-hat tactics to generate quality, high-authority links for your site.

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