How to Use Video for SEO? Tips for Improved Organic Rankings

Who doesn’t love watching videos? No wonder why Statista projects the total number of YouTube users to reach 2,854,14 million users by 2025. This paves the way for a lucrative marketing opportunity and drives organic traffic to your website. When used strategically, video for SEO can help outrank your competitors in search engines and drive higher ROI. In fact, 49% of marketers say that using videos in their content marketing strategy has helped drive faster revenue growth.

Benefits of Using Videos for Search Engine Optimization

Let’s understand how videos can affect your search engine optimization:

1. Drive More Traffic

Videos are engaging, easy to digest, and entertaining. Most interestingly, videos are shareable. And perhaps that’s why websites saw approximately 81% of traffic coming from videos, reported a study by Cisco in 2021.

video for seo

When your videos get a lot of attention, people are likely to share them more. This helps attract even more traffic who are genuinely interested in your content – and your brand too. The more engaging videos you create, the higher will be your website traffic, boosting your overall organic SEO.

2. Get More Backlinks

Video for SEO is an effective strategy to drive high-authority and quality backlinks to your website. According to Search Engine People, content that has videos gets more backlinks and a whopping 157% growth in search engine traffic.

3. Boost Conversions

Videos not only help improve organic SEO but can also increase conversions. Videos engage your audiences meaningfully and compel them to take positive action – subscribe to email newsletters, buy a product, take a demo, call a customer representative, etc. But make sure the videos are rich in relevant information that add value to the audience.

How to use Videos to Improve SEO Results?

video for seoHere are 4 ways you can optimize your videos to make them SEO-friendly and boost your page rankings:

#1: Create an Engaging Thumbnail Image

Your video’s thumbnail image is like the homepage of your website or the cover of a book. It is the first thing a searcher will see when the video is indexed on the search engine result page (SERP). To use videos for SEO, make the thumbnail image captivating that compel the searcher to click. In addition to boosting your click-through rates, this video marketing strategy can also positively impact other SEO metrics.

#2: Add a Metadata

One of the most effective ways to boost search engine rankings of your videos is to add a relevant meta title and meta description. Metadata provides an initial cue or context as to what the video is all about. In SERPs, the meta title appears as a clickable link, directing users to the page where the video is. The meta description provides a summary of the video.

Both the title tag and the meta description are important on-page SEO factors that allow the search engines to crawl and index the video. They match the metadata with the searcher’s query and intent, ranking it in SERPs based on its relevance and quality.

#3: Create Video Rich Snippets

To make the most of your videos for SEO, create video rich snippets. This means when a user searches for something on Google, you may have a small video appear next to your search engine result along with the metadata. It allows the searcher to understand that the search result (your website or content) also has a video to help. It is an excellent way to stand out and outrank your competitors in SERPs.

video seo

#4: Publish Videos on Your Website

Boost audience engagement significantly by posting videos directly to your website. Most interestingly, there are different types of videos you can create to drive engagement on your website. For instance, short product videos can be best featured on product description pages. A nice and professional brand video can be posted on your homepage or About Us page. Testimonial videos also work wonders in building trust.

In addition to posting videos on your website, you can also repurpose the content and distribute the videos on other platforms like social media.


Despite its potential, videos for SEO are still underutilized. Hence, this is the right time to get started. Make sure you hire an expert SEO company to help create a compelling video strategy and boost SEO results.

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