Reasons Why Google Tag Manager is Important For Your Business

In-depth analytics and performance measurement is the key to success for websites of any size and type. However, this isn’t possible unless you have access to business-critical marketing & consumer data. This is where you need a powerful tag management solution, such as Google Tag Manager. It allows for tracking and collecting essential data, analyzing which will help you curate a definitive marketing strategy. When used along with Google Analytics, it can be a powerful tool for marketers.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a cutting-edge tag management solution and tracking tool that allows you to add marketing codes – snippets – to your website. This allows monitoring and collection of critical marketing data. GTM allows you to implement the tags without having to modify the codes while improving the type and amount of data you gather.


Now, you’d ask what is the difference between GTM and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool that helps analyze your website performance based on valuable data collected. GTM, on the other hand, is a tool that transmits data. This means Google Tag Manager collects and controls the data that is sent to Google Analytics for analysis and reporting. The latter can only deploy and store the tags to collect data, but cannot analyze the same.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager

Discussed here are seven reasons why you should use Google Tag Manager to improve your marketing efforts.

1. Deploy seamlessly for your web pages

One of the key features of GTM is you can deploy it seamlessly across your website to manage tags. It is easy to use and does not require any coding knowledge. Without editing the code of your website, you can use GTM to update or add Google Analytics, Google Ads, third-party tags, and Floodlight.

And not just your web pages. You can easily deploy tags for your mobile apps using GTM.

2. Manage all your tags in one place

Earlier, all tracking snippets were directly coded in the website’s source code. One of the biggest challenges of this was all the JavaScript tracking codes remained dispersed in different files. If you had to make even a minor change, the developer needed to find all the codes separately and update them individually. This was an intimidating and time-consuming process.

google tag manager

However, Google Tag Manager makes the process simpler and faster because you can now control and track all the codes in a single place.

3. Become more agile

Tag Manager enables you to easily add and update your tracking codes to perform a wide range of functions – website analytics, conversion tracking, remarketing, etc. It comes with an intuitive design that allows you to change the snippets whenever you want.

4. Deliver faster page loading speed

GTM aids in asynchronous tag deployment. This means the tracking tags are fired as soon as they load, rather than waiting for each tag to load before deployment. The advantage is it can help eliminate the risk of a single slow-loading tag to hinder the rest of the deployment process.

5. Access to a broad range of testing tools

Google Tag Manager simplifies the process of correcting and troubleshooting various errors in your tracking tags via Preview and Debug mode. This will show which tags are deployed on a page and which aren’t. GTM also provides data indicating various triggers that deploy tags on your website, and data included within the tags.

what is google tag manager

6. Have complete peace of mind

Faster tag loading and simple-to-use error checking enable you to collect business-critical data accurately and reliably. This gives your IT team complete peace of mind, knowing that the website is performing smoothly.

7. Collaborate seamlessly across your organization

GTM features granular access and workspaces that can enable your teams to work efficiently together. It provides a multi-environment testing platform that allows you to test different environments and ensure optimum performance. Businesses that use Tag Manager can benefit from tagging access as well as defined access to specific pages.


Using Google Tag Manager is a complete no-brainer. The tool is easy-to-use and allows controlling all tracking snippets in a single place. Collecting and leveraging the data you gather from these codes can be highly effective in devising a sure-fire SEO strategy.

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