Keyword Cannibalization- How to Identify and Fix it?

Keyword cannibalization is a ranking issue when multiple pages from the same website compete in the search results. It happens when the different pages appear to be optimized for search for the same query.

And when you optimize all these pages for the same query, Google fails to recognize which of these pages is more relevant. In the early era of search optimization, this term was coined. In those times, people believed that it would be easier for websites to rank if they developed multiple pages with the same keyword.

Targeting a specific keyword across multiple pages will do more harm than good. Indirectly, you are forcing the pages of your website to compete with each other. Consequently, each page has a reduced CTR and lower conversion rates.

keyword cannibalization

The cannibalization of keywords is a severe issue that can decrease your website’s authority in the SERPs. You should keep particular keywords for a single URL only.

Keyword Cannibalization- What are the Essential Things you should know?

Website owners should invest in keyword audits to avoid cannibalization. With all the focus on conducting keyword research, the prospect of cannibalization of keywords receives less attention. It can be damaging to your overall SEO strategy.

Moreover, it can also dilute the organic performance of your high-quality website content. The cannibalization of keywords highlights content on your website that potentially ranks on search engines for the same query.

While it may seem like the best strategy to get the attention of search engines, it can most likely backfire. Cannibalization of keywords can have the following repercussions:

· Decreases the Authority of the Page

With the cannibalization of keywords, you are splitting the ranking potential of the pages.

· Affects the Structure of your Link

Another way it affects SEO is by changing the internal and external link structure.

You should be aware of this SEO misstep to gain higher rankings on the SERPs.

what is keyword cannibalization

Keyword Cannibalization- How can you Identify?

It is actually simple to recognize the possible cannibalization of keywords. It is essential to search your website for any particular use of keywords in the content. Keyword check is another way to acknowledge this issue. Here are some ways in which you can identify the cannibalism of keywords.

· Conduct a Thorough Search of the Website

You should conduct a common site search to recognize the cannibalization of keywords. Navigate to Google search and enter your domain and the topic. Google will provide a results list with all the content with similar keywords.

· Leverage the Search Console of Google

You can leverage the Google search console to recognize the cannibalization of keywords. Navigate to the performance report of your website to find the default query list. Through the pages tab, click on one of the queries. The list of URL rankings for that specific query will display. If you notice more than one URL for a page appearing, implement the proper steps.

Keyword cannibalization can degrade your website’s organic performance. Deploying proper measures can restore your website’s organic performance.

Solving Cannibalization of Keywords- Things to Know

Finding and fixing cannibalization is possible. However, at times, it’s better to prevent the issue than spend time and resources to fix it. Here are some general steps you should implement to solve the cannibalization of keywords.

  • Audit your content
  • Decide which keywords and content to keep
  • Merge, remove and redirect
  • Assess the performance of your current website content

These are some typical measures you can implement to solve Keyword cannibalization. But you can develop a targeted keyword strategy to solve this problem. In this manner, there would be no competition and overlap.

keyword cannibalization

Experts suggest that tracking keyword rankings and their performance can help. At times, having a keyword strategy is not enough. You need to identify the keywords and track their performance. By tracking, you will know which keywords are ranking.

Conducting periodic audits of the content of your website would help with the prevention of keyword cannibalization. Keyword stuffing can affect the performance of your entire website. To get the best of organic traffic, you should be aware of the cannibalization of keywords.

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