International SEO: Why It is Important & How to Do It?

Are you expanding your business beyond the boundaries? However, penetrating an unknown market and outranking the competition is tough – it requires establishing your business credibility, getting new prospects, and building trust. While the fight to capture a global market continues, it is equally important to establish a strong digital presence. Because – Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. And this is where international SEO comes into the picture.

Why does International SEO Matter?

When you target a global market or extend your business operations, one of the easiest ways to go digital is by creating a website that targets international markets. Many marketers also do the mistake of following their standards SEO best practices when they venture into a global market. However, building a global website or even regular organic SEO may not be effective in establishing your brand presence internationally.

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International search engine optimization is like geotargeting, where you optimize your website to deliver unique & engaging content to target audiences based on their geographic locations. This means that rather than targeting customers in your local market, you are optimizing the site for different countries, target markets, and languages.

Improving your website visibility and brand awareness in the global market are the primary reasons why you should consider doing international SEO. Standard SEO practices that you follow now are highly targeted for your local market and will not reap benefits when you expand your business globally.

It helps search engines to identify which countries or specific languages you want to target. Likewise, they will rank your website for relevant search queries in that language or country. So, merely having an international website is not enough; you need to optimize it for higher search engine rankings to drive more qualified prospects.

Proven International SEO Practices for 2022

Discussed here are some effective ways you can improve SEO for your international website:

1. Create unique URL structures for your international websites

Large enterprises with a global presence use this SEO tactic to target customers across multiple countries without having to create multiple websites for each country. Using a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is one of doing it. It is a 2-letter code that indicates in which country, state, or territory the website is registered. For instance, Here, “us” is the ccTLD, indicating the target country the USA.

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Other ways of creating unique URL structures for different locations are:

  • Subdomain:
  • Subdirectory: com/us
  • General top-level domain with language parameter: com/?lang=en=us

There are different pros and cons of using each of these URL structures. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from a professional SEO company who have in-depth knowledge of international SEO.

2. Give Importance to Host Location

The location of your hosting provider plays an integral role in the website loading time – one of the top search engine ranking factors. For your website to be successful internationally, it is crucial to deliver an improved website experience. And your website’s loading speed is directly related to this. Therefore, choosing a hosting provider with a server location near or in your target country is the best way to ensure improved page speed.

3. Use Geotargeting

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It is one of the simplest ways to take your website – and business – globally. Here are some popular geotargeting techniques that you can use:

  • Use ‘hreflang’ tags for Google. It tells Google that the same content has different pages with localized variations targeted to different locations.
  • Assign your target geolocation to Google Search Console
  • Feed the information about the language meta tag in Bing

4. Perform an International Keyword Research

The keywords you use for your local market may not work when you take your website internationally. One of the primary reasons behind this is language differences. How customers in your local market refer to your business may be different in other countries. So, if you are using a keyword planner tool, make sure to search specifically for the country you are targeting (and not generic). Competitor keyword research is also an effective way to get some ideas about keywords you should target in a particular country or region.


These are the basics of getting started with international SEO. With a proven strategy in place and continuous monitoring, you can boost search engine rankings, gain more visibility, and drive more traffic to your business even in an international market.

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