How to Improve Your Conversion Rate: Effective CRO Strategies to Follow

Leads, leads, leads…there seems to be an unending quest for more website traffic that can keep your business running. But you’d be surprised to know that only 10% to 15% of these leads convert into sales. You need to nurture these leads through all stages of the sales funnel and only then they can propel your business towards sustainable and long-term growth. This is where conversion rate optimization can help.

And you thought, the more leads you have, the merrier!

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an ongoing process of improving your website systematically to increase the percentage of your leads who take the desired action – making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, filling up a form, etc. It involves understanding where users are coming to your site, how they navigate through the pages, what actions they take, and even factors that are stopping them from taking the desired action.

conversion rate optimization

Now, the question arises – what is a good conversion rate?

There are several factors influencing this:

  • Audience demographics
  • Industry and niche you are in
  • Traffic channel
  • Marketing goals

and many others.

For instance, the average ecommerce conversion rate is between 2% and 3%.

So, when should you start optimizing the rate of conversion on your website? While it is a continuous process, the right time to optimize is when it is not at par with your goals, lower than the top competitors in your niche, or below average in the industry.

Effective CRO Practices for 2022

Check out the best CRO strategies you should follow in 2022 to drive more leads and boost your conversions.

1. Identify & Fix the Common CRO Inhibitors 

Whether you want to improve SEO or generate quality leads with high conversion potential, it is crucial to start by identifying the existing flaws on your website. You have good traffic coming to your website, but what’s stopping them from taking the desired action? Check out these common issues that might be affecting your conversion rate:

conversion rate

  • Practicing keyword stuffing in title tags and meta descriptions
  • Unimpressive or non-persuasive Call to Actions (CTAs)
  • Not using “HTTPS” or the SiteLock logo, which indicates your website is not secured by SSL encryption
  • Using an inaccurate conversion tracking tool

Fixing these issues, in the beginning, will help provide an improved user experience on your website, engage them better, and compel them to take positive action. 

2. Leverage Social Proofs to Build Trust

Using psychology in digital marketing is nothing new. And one such strategy is “social proof.” It involves a simple idea – modern consumers make informed purchase decisions today. And this is primarily influenced by reviews and recommendations from others who have used the product. Therefore, marketers use social proof in the form of existing customers, reviews, celebrity endorsements, expert social evidence, certifications, and much more.

Social proof helps build trust, boosting your credibility and helping improve your conversion rate.

what is conversion rate

3. Use Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms can go a long way in boosting your website’s conversion rate. This CRO tool is crucial because it differentiates a lead from a non-lead. There are several lead capture tools you can use, including Leadformly, Zendesk, Wordstream, Single Grain, etc. These tools are highly effective in creating high-converting lead capture forms, which can help analyze user behavior and likewise, improve your CRO strategy.

4. A/B Test Your Landing Pages

Landing pages form an integral part of a successful CRO strategy. This is because a user engages more deeply with your website on a landing page that talks more about the product or service and how it can add value to them.

conversion rate optimization

And one of the best ways to make your landing page stand out is by A/B testing multiple pages and picking one that best connects with your target audiences. Using this process, you can test several versions of your content offers, landing page copy, form questions, images, etc., and use one that instantly conveys a value proposition.

Wrapping Up

In addition to the above, several other CRO practices can help you improve your SEO search results, drive more leads, and boost your conversion rate. It is advisable to consult an expert digital marketing agency that can guide you with the right CRO strategies that will work for your business.

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