How to Write Killer Call to Actions That Boost Conversions?

Call to actions aren’t simply a “Buy Now” or “Click Here” button on a website. It is a powerful marketing strategy that compels your website visitors to take an action – sign up for email newsletters, make a purchase, download a PDF, etc. A clear and compelling CTA can render an improved user experience and engage them meaningfully. Here are some ways CTAs can add value to your business:

  • Aid in a streamlined and clearer decision making; eliminate confusion in the buyer’s journey
  • Direct the audience’s actions based on their unique needs
  • Grow your audience base
  • Drive more sales

However, the common CTA triggers like “Buy Now,” “Learn More” or “Sign Up” do not intrigue your audiences anymore. Modern consumers are more informed today and look for products or solutions that add value. Therefore, it is important to choose CTAs that convert.

how to write call to actions

So, if you want to write compelling call to actions that help boost conversions, try putting these five hacks into practice.

#1: Write a Call to Action That is Benefit Oriented

The CTA should offer a “benefit” to your target customers. Earlier, online visitors didn’t pay much attention to the quality of content. However, the game has changed altogether today. When people search online, they desperately look for the best results. If your website or content does not provide the most relevant information, they will not click it. Even search engines measure your website on the parameters of E.A.T, or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Call to actions work the same way. Unless it delivers a value to your audience or they aren’t clear on how it will benefit the users, they will not click it. Instead of using basic CTAs like “Purchase Now” or “Download the Course,” offer a benefit. For instance, “Double Your Traffic in 30 Days.” This will compel your audiences to click the CTA button and take positive action.

#2: Make the CTA Button Visible

An effective way to make your call to actions stand out is to make them visible. Unless you can direct your website visitors to easily and quickly go to the next step, you will miss out on lucrative opportunities. Hence, it is important to write a clear, compelling, and concise CTA that tells your audiences what to do. Also, use an eye-catching button that is strategically positioned. This will help boost conversions. 

call to actions

#3: Integrate a Sense of Curiosity

When you induce a sense of curiosity among your audiences, it may result in better conversions and increased sales. Use this strategy when creating CTAs. The key mantra is to tell them what to do and what results they will get; however, not in complete detail. This will invoke desire in your audiences to click the CTA button and know what’s on the other side. More clicks will give you more qualified leads – who are genuinely interested in engaging with your brand.

And higher the click-through rate on your call to actions, the higher sales you will make.

#4: Choose the Color Wisely

Most marketers often overlook, but colors have an important role to play in web designing. Since CTAs need to be more visible and clearer, you must choose bright and eye-catchy colors. According to studies, a bright-colored CTA can result in better conversions. HubSpot performed A/B testing and found that a red CTA generates 21% better conversions than a green CTA.

Brighter colors will make the CTA more attractive and gain customer attention. However, make sure you choose a contrasting color for the embedded text. This will make the CTA stand out and help improve the bounce rate.

#5: Use Command Words in CTA

Create a CTA that gently compels your website visitors to move to the next step of the sales funnel. Do not assume that your target audiences know what you expect from them. Tell them. And use command words that compel them to take an action. Some examples of common words are “Download,” “Buy,” “Subscribe,” etc.

what is call to actions

Call to actions are effective digital marketing solutions that can drive more leads and boost your sales. But make sure you do it the right way. The five CTA hacks discussed above will help you curate a call to action that compels your target audiences and converts them.

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