Google News SEO: How To Improve Your Website’s Visibility & Traffic?

For digital marketers, Google is a blessing in disguise if they know how to leverage it appropriately to strengthen their online presence. Starting from Google Search to YouTube, Google AdWords, Google My Business, or Google News – there are numerous marketing opportunities that you cannot ignore. Google News is one such platform that can help you reach new audiences and attract them to your website. Therefore, knowing how to do Google News SEO can help you make the most of this platform.

Google News Optimization: Ways to Succeed

Let’s get started with understanding how to optimize your Google News presence.

google news seo

#1: Share Content Using the Publisher Center Tool

Publisher Center is a tool that allows you to share content with Google News in the form of website URLs, RSS feeds, or videos. While you do not necessarily need to set up a publication in Publisher Center, there are several benefits of doing so:

  • Better control over branding and content: For effective branding, the Publisher Center provides you tools to design and customize your publication, and make it more engaging for readers in Google News.
  • Placement eligibility: Google provides a placement advantage to all those publishers who use Publisher Center to set up and submit their publications to Google News. Such publishers may show up in the Newsstand section of Google News in specific regions and countries. This is an integral component of Google News SEO.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Publishers who want to monetize their visitors on Google News can use “paywalls” via Google’s new initiative – Subscribe with Google. It allows readers to buy a subscription using their Google account to participate on news sites and read premium content. It is more discrete, secure, and easier to use than other subscription methods available on news sites. This is a huge opportunity for publishers to drive more readers and even monetize them.

#2: Create Accurate & SEO-Optimized Titles

In Google News, page titles heavily influence search engine optimization and your rankings. The page title is your press release or news story’s headline, and the web crawler typically scans the article and determines if the headline is appropriate. Here are some industry best practices to help you write correct titles for your publications and improve your Google News SEO:

  • Make sure the titles are not longer than 2 to 22 words, i.e., 10 to 110 characters
  • The title of the page (HTML <title> tag) should match the title of the article ("<h1>" tag)
  • Place the article title in a prominent position, ideally above the article body. For instance, in an "<h1>" tag
  • Do not use the title of your article, or its substrings, as a hyperlink on the article page
  • Make sure you do not use a leading number, time, or date in the article title or the anchor text of the title
  • The anchor text pointing to your publication in the section pages should match the article title

google news seo

#3: Use Photos and Videos

Much like optimizing your website for Google Search, photos and videos also play a crucial role to help improve SEO rankings in Google News. Below are some expert tips to use media content and boost your Google SEO efforts:

  • The images should be of at least 60 x 90 pixels
  • Use images and videos relevant to the story of the publication rather than captions or logos
  • The images and videos should have optimum aspect ratios
  • Use og:image or tags to indicate which images you would want to set as the article’s thumbnail image
  • Format the images and videos as inline
  • The images should have standard filename extensions, such as .png, .jpeg, or .jpg.
  • Place the media content near the article title and label them with engaging captions
  • Ensure a metatag or robots.txt file is not prohibiting Google News from accessing the images or videos


how to use seo on google news

In addition to the above, there are various other best practices you should follow to optimize your content for Google News:

  • Add structured and in-depth information to your articles
  • Include a publication date
  • Use static text links to make the pages reachable
  • Block republished content or use canonical tags
  • Do not participate in link schemes
  • Track the performance of your content on Google News

A well-designed Google News SEO strategy can help boost your visibility and drive increased traffic.

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