What Are the Top 4 JavaScript SEO Best Practices To Follow in 2022?

Google’s John Mueller clearly mentions, “The web has moved from plain HTML…” to JavaScript. Yes; it is here to stay – marking its importance in the field of Search Engine Optimization more than ever before. JavaScript is highly effective in making websites more interactive, and enhancing user experience. Therefore, making Google discover and index your JavaScript-powered website can help find new customers as well as re-engage existing customers. Learn how to use JavaScript SEO to optimize your JavaScript web applications for top search engine results.

What is JavaScript SEO?

JavaScript search engine optimization is an integral component of technical SEO that helps optimize JavaScript-rich websites and make them easy to discover and index by search engines. The objective is to make the websites search-friendly and improve rankings in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

  • Optimize JavaScript-based web content to make it easier for search engines to crawl, render, and index the pages
  • Use link-building best practices to make the JavaScript-powered web pages discoverable by Google
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot, and prevent search engine ranking problems for Single Page Applications and websites that are built on JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue
  • Improve page loading time for web pages that execute and parse JS code to deliver an improved user experience

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Does JavaScript Affect Search Engine Optimization?

Before you get started with JavaScript SEO, some common questions that come to mind are – is JavaScript good or bad for SEO? How does JavaScript affect search engine optimization? Can optimizing your JS-powered websites help improve organic SEO?

JavaScript frameworks can help build highly robust, scalable, and easy-to-maintain web applications. However, if not done properly, JavaScript can negatively impact your search engine visibility. Typically, it can affect the following ranking factors and on-page SEO elements that are crucial for search engine optimization:

  • Metadata
  • Lazy-loaded media content
  • Links
  • Page loading times
  • Rendered content

Now that you understand JavaScript does affect SEO, here are some best practices to follow.

4 JavaScript SEO Best Practices For 2022

#1: Add Images Complying With the Web Standards

The images that you use on your JavaScript-based website should follow the web standards, which makes it easier for Googlebot to discover and index them easily. Make sure the image is linked from the ‘src’ HTML tag. Some JavaScript-powered lazy loading libraries may use a ‘data-src’ attribute that helps store the URL of the real image. At the same time, it allows replacing the ‘src’ tag with a placeholder gif or image that is fast loading.

JavaScript SEO

If you want the search engine to index the real image and not the placeholder, you can easily swap the placeholder image with the target image, indicating the path to the latter.

#2: Check if Google Can Render Your Web Pages

It is important to understand that simply having your JavaScript-based website opened in Google Chrome does not guarantee that the content will be rendered by Google. For effective JavaScript SEO, use the URL Inspection Tool of Google Search Console to ensure that Google renders your web pages. The tool also helps identify missing content or discrepancies if any. Such discrepancies often indicate that timeouts or errors occurred, or the resources are blocked. Identifying the errors can help understand the cause.

At the same time, it is also important to check if Google is indexing the page properly. This can be easily checked on the search engine itself as well as through Google Search Console.

#3: Change URLs When You Update the Content

To improve SEO for website, it is important that you change URLs when updating the web content. JavaScript frameworks typically have a router that allows users to map to clean URLs. There is no need of using (#) for routing. For some JavaScript frameworks like Vue, this is a big problem. Hence, for a URL xyz.com/#something, a server will typically ignore everything that comes after a #. To address this problem, you need to change the URL when updating the content.

#4: Integrate Important Content or Navigational Elements in the HTML Response

JavaScript SEO

Another JavaScript SEO tactic is to include all essential content and navigational components in the HTML response. For instance, include the meta elements and the title into the “head” section of the HTML and load the primary body content through JavaScript. This makes it easier for Google to understand what the page is all about, helping render and index it.


JavaScript SEO is a complex process and this guide provides you some best insights and best practices to achieve improved results. 

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