What is PageRank? Does Google PageRank Still Matter in 2022?

Go ten years back and Google PageRank was considered the Holy Grail of Search Engine Optimization. A higher score was considered a key metric of a successful SEO strategy. But standing in 2022, Page Rank is mentioned rarely. Is it still considered a vital criterion for SERP rankings? Does Google still use the score to determine a website’s ranking? In this blog, we will understand what is PageRank and if it still matters in 2022.

What is Google PageRank?

The complex algorithm was developed by the founders of Google – Sergey Brin and Larry Page – at Stanford University. The idea was to calculate the value of a web page based on the quantity and quality of pages linking to it. This means the tool will evaluate the number and PageRank of inbound and external links on your website to determine its authority. It will then give a score ranging from 0-10.

what is pagerank

The higher your score, the more authoritative and trustworthy it is considered. And the more authoritative your website is, the higher will be its ranking in Google SERPs.

A detail of PageRank calculation is provided here.

How does PageRank Work?

High-quality, authority links continue to be one of Google’s top-ranking factors. So, if you are wondering what is PageRank and how it works, then link building is the way to go. It uses “link analysis” as a key search engine ranking metric. While there is no detailed knowledge of how it works, there are some factors that influence link analysis:

· Internal Linking

When analyzing internal links on a web page, the Google search algorithm focuses on two primary features: function and placement. Here, it prioritizes Anchor Text, i.e., the text used to create hyperlinks within the content. It clearly indicates the keywords that the linked URL wants to rank for.

By evaluating the anchor text, the algorithm can accurately understand the relationship between the text and the linked page, its meaning, and purpose. Using internal links to aid in easy site navigability is another factor that can help improve the score. This is because Google focuses on user experience as an important search engine ranking factor.

what is pagerank

· Backlinks

The algorithm crawls, understands, and evaluates the quality of backlinks to determine the authority of the page. So, if you are thinking about what is PageRank and how it works, then it is important to know that the algorithm prioritizes the quality of your web page as well as the quality and authority to give you a score.

So, one way to improve your PageRank score is to get more numbers of high-quality backlinks. Another way is to get links from a web page that is regarded as high authority in its niche or industry.

Google Page Rank is Not Dead Yet. It Still Matters in 2022

So, you’d be wondering if Google still uses the algorithm to rank websites on SEO search results. The answer is – Yes. However, it is not mentioned more today because website owners do not have access to PageRank now. But the search engine still uses the algorithm to determine the authority of a web page based on the quality of inbound and external links it has. 

In today’s cut-throat competitive digital market, it isn’t enough to know what is PageRank. You should also focus on effective link building because it is one of the top SEO ranking factors. So, whether PageRank is still pertinent or not does matter; link building should be an integral part of your SEO strategy.

How to Check Your Website’s PageRank Score?

SEOs would be wondering if there is an effective way to know their website’s score. Unfortunately, Google has rolled back its toolbar from the website builder’s panel, but that does not mean the algorithm is not pertinent today.

what is google pagerank

So, how do you check your score? You can use replacement tools like Moz, Ahrefs or SEMrush that provide numerical values similar to the PageRank score.


While SEOs do not give much importance to what is PageRank, it is still worth optimizing your website for this algorithm. After all, when you are improving your internal links, building quality backlinks, or using high-authority external links, you are actually optimizing for a higher score – and eventually better SEO rankings.

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