What is Website Analysis and Why It is Important?

Having an eye-catchy, flashy website is not enough to outrank your competitors and get more traffic. It is important to make the website found on search engine result pages (SERPs) and provide an improved user experience. This begins with a comprehensive website analysis. A thorough website audit will help identify the bottlenecks and address the issues that might be impacting your SEO performance and user experience.

Read on to understand what website audit is and why it is important for your brand.

What is Website Analysis?

It is the process of analyzing and reviewing the performance of a website based on several metrics. These include:

  • Website speed
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website traffic
  • User experience

Analyzing these metrics is important because they can directly impact your brand reputation and ROI.

website analysis

A website audit examines page performance before conducting a website redesign or search engine optimization. Analyzing the website can help understand if it is optimized to achieve your goals. It also provides valuable insights into how to improve your website to reach the goals.

Website analysis is an integral part of technical SEO. The latter primarily focuses on improving the technical aspects of a website to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site.

Why Website Analysis is Important?

Fine tuning your website and eliminating the bottlenecks can improve overall website performance. Read on to understand the key benefits of website audit.

1. Know where you stand in comparison to the competitors

One of the biggest reasons why you should conduct an audit is it allows comparing your website performance to your competitors. Know how well your website is ranking against competitors for specific keywords, your website traffic compared to the competitors, and identify potential revenue sources.

There are various online tools that will help perform a competitor website audit to gather valuable insights. Comparing the results from both the audits will allow you to learn how the competitors attract potential customers, methods to improve conversions, and other information.

seo website analysis

Based on your analysis, you can brainstorm new strategies and tactics to improve your website performance.

2. Improve your SEO efforts

With a thorough website analysis, you can identify missed SEO opportunities and pitfalls that might be affecting the bottom line. An integral element of organic SEO is to make your website easily discoverable by search engines as well as potential customers. Conducting a website audit enables you to gather data about its performance and analyze the results to improve the pages in terms of:

  • Website speed
  • Website URL
  • Site architecture
  • Navigability
  • Keyword placement
  • Internal and external links
  • Content

Optimizing your website based on the above metrics will make it easier for search engines to crawl your site. The more crawlable your site is, the simpler it becomes for search engines to match it with related search queries. Hence, you can expect higher search engine rankings.

On the other hand, a website that loads fast, is easy to navigate, and have high-quality content tends to deliver an improved user experience. And enhanced user experience means higher rankings in SERPs.

3. Curate high-quality and engaging content

A technical website analysis will help review several important factors such as page views, bounce rates, time spent on your website, etc. The numbers show how well or poorly the traffic engages with your website content. This will help you audit the content, optimize, and improve it for better user experience and higher SERP rankings. Analyzing the content will enable you to determine what type of content your audiences love, how they like to view it – images, videos, text – and much more.

Providing in-depth, useful, and engaging content also results in higher organic rankings on search engines.

4. Drive increased conversions

For websites of any size and type, increasing conversions is the primary goal. A website audit helps analyze the top landing pages, their design, content quality, and calls-to-action to drive maximum conversions. In the long run, this can help boost your ROI.

website analysis

5. Identify and leverage the latest traffic trends

One of the key benefits of website analysis is you can gain immediate insights into the latest traffic trends. You can monitor peaks and valleys in your website traffic, and how they are engaging with your website. This provides a better knowledge of customer behavior.


Conducting a website audit is always a good idea to monitor and optimize its performance for better results, improve SEO, and boost ROI.

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