What is the Importance of Anchor Text in SEO?

Link building is one of the key search engine ranking factors. However, the effectiveness of internal linking or creating outbound links depends a lot on the words you choose. These are called anchor texts. According to Google, an anchor text indicates the true context of the link – and therefore, it may be an important ranking factor. Hence, the importance of anchor text in SEO cannot be overlooked.

How to Optimize Anchor Texts to Boost SEO Rankings?

Discussed here are a few proven ways to optimize your anchor text to deliver an improved experience – both for search engine crawlers as well as the users.

1. Keep the anchor text accurate and concise

Search engines typically do not stress upon the anchor text’s length limit. However, keeping SEO-friendliness in mind, it is a good idea to keep it succinct and relevant. When writing anchor texts, there are two primary factors to keep in mind:

  • What kind of phrases or words will persuade the users to click on the link?
  • What is the most accurate, concise, and relevant way to describe the page that you link to?

2. Relevancy of the Anchor Texts Matter

Relevancy of the anchor text is important if you want to improve SEO for website. It must be pertinent to the page that it links to. If the anchor text and the content on the page are not appropriate, it can impact user experience and raise a red flag for search engines.

what is anchor text

To make the most of your anchor text in SEO, relevancy is the key. Links pointing to content that is relevant to the topic of the source page sends stronger signals of relevance to search engines. Additionally, variations in anchor text, information hierarchy, link source, natural language processing, and other factors further influence link relevancy. To send strong signals of relevancy to search engines, keep the anchor text descriptive of the target page.

3. Give Importance to Keyword Density

With the latest Google algorithm update, priority is now given to keywords and its density in the anchor text. Refrain from including the exact same anchor text in too many inbound links, or it may appear spammy. The best practice is to use topic- and keyword-specific anchor text wherever possible. However, you may expect effective results when using natural anchor texts and, in more variations, rather than using the same keyword every time.

what is anchor text

Avoid overdoing with using more keyword-heavy links or else, the search engine may sense it as spammy.

4. Keep Image Alt Tags in Mind

Image Alt tag is also an important part of anchor text in SEO. And there are several reasons for that:

  • It functions as an anchor text
  • It allows Google search engine crawlers to understand the context of the image, and the content it is linked to
  • It helps individuals with visual impairment have a better understanding of the image

When including images with links, use descriptive keywords in the alt tags. However, make sure it appears naturally within the sentence; do not cramp it up with keywords.

5. Give Important to Surrounding Text Too

The Google BERT update indicates that the search engine is now favoring the surrounding context and natural human language when indexing a page. When users reads a piece of content online, they do not merely consider the anchor text to decide if they should click the link. They would also read the surrounding text to have an idea what is the on the page that the anchor text is linked to.

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The same works for Google too. While it is ideal to keep the anchor text in SEO concise and crisp, it is likely that the search engine will also crawl the words in that entire sentence. Therefore, it is important that you focus on the surrounding content too and keep them relevant to the content in the page linked to.


Anchor text is a crucial factor influencing the website’s SEO-friendliness and the ability to rank. So, anchor text cannot be an afterthought when building a link building strategy. Keep the text relevant, diversify your anchor tags, and do not keyword stuff – this is the mantra of anchor text in SEO.

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