How to Use Google Analytics 4 For SEO?

In October 2020, Google announced the launch of its major change to Google Analytics: Google Analytics 4. This change is significant because Google has shifted its focus from “session-based models” to “events.” This will benefit marketers by facilitating pathing analysis or cross-platform analysis. By switching to an event-based model, Google Analytics 4 is now better and more flexible in predicting user behavior.

So, should you use GA4 right away?

The answer: yes.

You can use it along with Universal Analytics to collect valuable data and improve your machine learning models to make meaningful future analyses. And when you have powerful data in hand, it results in effective search engine optimization and definitive marketing strategies.

How to Use Google Analytics 4 for SEO?

how to use google analytics 4 for seo

Once you configure the latest version of Google Analytics, you can use the reports to better analyze your website and gain insights into several vital data as discussed herewith:

1. Monitor User Trends For Up to 90 Days

This is a major change that Google has introduced in its latest version – you can have an overview of all users for the last 7, 28, and 90 days and compare the same with the preceding period. This will give you a fair idea of whether everything is stable and moving in the direction of your SEO goals.

If you find the current period (solid line in the GA4 report) is below the preceding period (dotted line), then it is important to find the reasons and optimize your SEO campaign.

The tool also enables you to track the number of organic visitors for the last 7, 28, and 90 days. Visit Acquisition Overview and look into:

  • New users by User medium = organic
  • Sessions by Sessions medium: organic

And Google Analytics 4 also gives you an overview of your organic traffic’s Average engagement time and Engaged sessions. Go to Acquisition > User acquisition and evaluate the charts carefully.

Check if the numbers are higher or lower than your organic search traffic. You can also find out if users from a particular medium are better engaged than others. Based on this valuable data, you can easily optimize your marketing campaigns and content to boost organic SEO.

2. Have Better Visibility into Customer Lifecycles

When you have greater visibility into your customer’s journey, it can help you better personalize the campaigns to drive improved engagement and organic traffic. GA4 provides cross-platform analytics that enables organizations to monitor their customer lifecycles and have an in-depth understanding of what they need before they can convert into sales.

how to use google analytics 4

The tool uses machine learning to assign conversion values to these events. This will help you understand what devices and what actions can help drive better conversions. Based on this information, you can use effective SEO strategies to drive more traffic towards important pages and push them down the sales funnel for better conversions.

3. Track User Retention

Google Analytics 4 is a powerful tool that can help compare your new vs. returning customers, giving a measure of your customer retention. Returning customers are most valuable because they have already interacted with your website or business and are way more engaged than new customers. They are also more likely to buy your products and services.

Therefore, you can create dedicated remarketing strategies to target your returning customers and convert them into sales. But how do you track who your returning customers are? Use GA4 here.

To track the total number of returning customers, go to Retention > Overview on your GA4 tool. Once you have this number, you can compare the number of new users vs. your returning users. You can also use multiple data ranges to track the number of returning customers and new customers for up to the last 90 days.

google analytics 4

If you have too few or no returning customers, you must evaluate and improve your SEO strategy. This will involve understanding potential bottlenecks in your website, brand message, or marketing campaign that are preventing your customers to return.


A robust analytics tool like Google Analytics 4 can be your most powerful marketing tool, especially when you do it right. Use the above strategies to use GA4 for SEO and get an in-depth understanding of your traffic and how they engage on your website. Remember, better analytics and insights mean improved marketing decisions.

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