How to Leverage SEO in 2022?

How to Leverage SEO in 2022?

By now, you must already know the crucial role search engine optimization plays in attracting potential customers to your website. However, if you want your SEO campaign to be effective, you must make sure that you are aware of the changing demands of search engines. For successful SEO in 2022, you must consider a few factors when designing your search engine optimization campaign. Know these factors to leverage SEO efficiently.

EAT (Expertise, Authority, & Trust) Is Critical for SEO in 2022


“EAT” is the acronym used for the three most important ranking factors search engines use for determining the quality of a website’s content. They are:

  • Expertise: The term “expertise” denotes the content’s accuracy, depth, and timeline. If you hire a top SEO agency to take care of your site’s performance, it will carry out regular audits of the website for boosting expertise. Another great way of boosting expertise is adding author bios.
  • Authority: The term “authority” denotes the quantity and quality of citations to your site’s content. These citations usually come in the form of shares via social media and links.
  • Trust: The term “trust” denotes your website’s (as well as your brand’s) overall perception. The habit of adhering to top standards, brand authority, and quality backlinking help in building trust.

Factors That Can Spoil SEO in 2022

Google usually refuses to rank sites that use spammy SEO strategies. The strategies that the search engine giant seems to hate particularly are:

Keyword Stuffing: The act of keyword stuffing involves using too many keywords in your site’s content.

Cloaking: Cloaking occurs when the content a website shows to search engines is different from what the users get to see upon visiting the site.

Duplicate Content: Google is not fond of websites that feature content they have no rights to. If you report such content on your website, never forget to include appropriate canonical tags.

Link Schemes: The act of link scheming involves carrying out paid link-building campaigns on third-party websites. It’s needless to say that they are usually low-quality sites. Stay away from link scheming for enjoying effective SEO in 2022.

Ad-heavy Website Design: Websites that feature too many ads tend to spoil the overall user experience. And user experience is of foremost priority for search engines. So, if you want your site to rank high on Google result pages make sure you are not stuffing it with promotional materials.

Follow the SEO Trends in 2022

If you want your search engine optimization campaign to show desired results, you must learn to follow the current SEO trends. Here are the hottest SEO trends of 2022:

Application of Artificial Intelligence: RankBrain, the AI algorithm by Google, is all set to become one of the most significant ranking factors for the search engine giant.


Indeed, Google is yet to share details of how this AI algorithm checks and evaluates content. However, according to experts, it would require websites to greet visitors with a great user experience. To be more precise, the time a user spends on a site and click-through rate will be the primary factors RankBrain will consider when assessing content.

Thus, you need to ensure that the company you hire for doing your site’s SEO in 2022 creates content that’s useful for your target audience and is nicely organized.

Use of Long-Form Content: To engage readers visiting your site, you’ll again need to rely on long-form content. According to recently obtained numbers, long-form content i.e., content featuring more than 3,000 words has attracted more traffic compared to shorter content. 

However, to ensure that long write-ups on your site helps you in attracting more traffic you must ensure that they are informative, engaging, and useful for your readers. Additionally, you must follow a format that would engage your audience more easily. For instance, you should divide the articles into several sub-sections and use subheadings. Keeping the paragraphs and sentences short would also help.

Create a Mobile-friendly Site: Today, most Internet users prefer browsing websites on their smartphones. Google has introduced mobile-first indexing in 2019 to acknowledge this change. This makes it mandatory for you to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly.

Final Words

For effective SEO in 2022, you must hire a reputable company offering search engine optimization services. This will ensure that you have high-quality content on your site and all the remaining trends are followed precisely.

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