Link Building Strategies To Check for 2021

Link Building Strategies To Check for 2021

By the end of the year, a whopping 73% of e-commerce will happen via mobile devices. To be a successful enterprise, you have to tap into the power of digital marketing. Good content, SEO, and effective link building strategies together form the holy trinity of digital marketing today.

As AI and search engine algorithms get better by the day, SEO best practices relevant a few years back (tons of keywords, paid backlinks, etc.) are not practical today. To increase your brand credibility and online sales, you must update to the latest backlink-building strategies.

Read on to find out more about the various ways you can get links for your website and incorporate them into your SEO strategy.

Link Building Strategies– The Basics

Literally speaking, link building is nothing but creating a connection between two different entities. In the content of SEO ranking, link building is embedding some important links from your website or content to another, high authority, non-competitor website to improve search ranking.


A time-consuming and challenging task, link building is one of the best strategies to gain higher website traffic and revenue. If you want your website to rank within the first page of a Google search, effective link building strategies are the right way to go about it. Here are the top 6 link strategies in 2021 that even the best SEO Company will vouch for.

5 of the Latest (And Most Effective) Linking Building Strategies to Consider in 2021

1.Activate Your Profile on Public Listings

 ​There are several online directories and public listings like Google Business, Maps, etc., which provide an excellent opportunity to create sure shot link building strategies for your content.When Google crawlers find your backlinks on multiple high authority websites, their algorithms improve your ranking on the search engine and their maps. In general, consumers search for local resources. An improved rank would drive higher traffic and lead to higher revenues.

2.Build a Broken Link

Another great link-building technique is to look for broken links and replace them with your website backlinks.You can find out such opportunities, qualify them based on their relevance, understand the footfall to the website, create content that would suit the platform, and reach out to the site owner / the webmaster. Too complicated? You can seek the services of an and get without any hassles.

3.A Network Outreach to Improve Your Online Presence

 As you grow, your connections begin to multiply. You should seek out relevant connections to promote your website links through their blogs, social media channels, and websites to reach out to a larger audience. The online credibility of your contacts helps validate yours to people who are not yet aware of your business.

4.Using Email Signatures As Part Of Link Building Strategies

 Email communications are pretty much the most common business communication today. You can introduce website backlinks in the email signature as direct hyperlinks to the website or icons that link to social media channels.This simple yet elegant technique can help you share your website directly with prospects without them having to look for you on Google.

5.Create Relevant Content for Online Guides

When users are unsure about a specific product or service, they perform string searches. For instance – “What is the best way to reduce weight” or “the top 5 link building strategies”. These searches usually return blogs or articles addressing the exact questions.So, if you are a product or solution provider, make use of blogs or websites like Quora. Even if Quora does not help in the backlink process directly, it is definitely a high authority site that would help you drive in more traffic.

Summing Up

If you are a business owner, the best to create a robust online presence was one year back. The next best time is now. Follow through these simple link building strategies to help build a more substantial online presence and brand authority. You can devise an appropriate mix of these techniques to develop a plan that best works for you.

Happy optimizing!

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