Organic Search Marketing Tips For Success

The digital marketing industry is evolving at a rapid pace. The marketers no longer rely upon organic search or Google rankings to drive sales through brand visibility. They now use AdWords or Bing Ads to generate instant clicks. They create powerful brand identities on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Organic search marketing now seems to be so passé! But is it really?   

Why Organic Search Marketing is Important?

Do you know that organic search generates 51% of all website traffic, with 40% of revenues coming from organic traffic? The report published by BrightEdge clearly indicates that “…The clear champion of website traffic is organic search. Overwhelmingly, organic search trumps other traffic generators, driving 51% of all visitors for both B2B and B2C businesses.”

As businesses are constantly optimizing their digital marketing plans, diversification becomes the key. Websites no more count upon search engine rankings alone and have embraced effective techniques like paid ads and social media. However, they tend to overlook how powerful organic traffic can be in driving long-term business results. If you want to attract relevant traffic in the most economical way, then nothing can beat the importance of first-page rankings on organic SEO search results.

Organic Search Marketing Tips For Success

So, what is organic search marketing?

It is the process of optimizing a website and improving its rankings in search engine results. When a user searches a related product or service online, search engines will determine your website’s relevancy to the search context and rank it in the organic search results. Organic search engine marketing involves proven techniques and strategies to optimize your site to help appear in relevant search results.       

In a scenario where 75% of search engine users do not click past the first page, organic search marketing can help bring your business to the forefront. It is an effective tool to improve organic SEO rankings and drive increased traffic to your website. This organic traffic, when nurtured efficiently, can turn into quality leads and conversions. Thus, it is beneficial to help your business grow – improving its overall bottom line.

Tips for Effective Organic Search Marketing

Ready to get started with organic search marketing? Here are the essential tips to follow:

  • Keyword Discovery Should be the Primary Focus

The first, and most important, a step of organic search optimization is finding the right keywords. Keywords are the search terms that people use to find information online. Including the right keywords will make your content most relevant to the search – improving its rankings in the SERPs and reaching the right target audience with the right brand message.

Begin with understanding how your target audience searches for related products and services. This will give you an idea of potential keywords. You can use keyword research tools like Moz Keyword Explorer or Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to generate a comprehensive list of the most relevant keywords for your website. Scour through this list to generate the ones that are most relevant to the campaign.

  • Curate High-Quality Content

Content is the essence of organic search optimization. It is the most powerful tool to drive organic traffic and keep your audience engaged with high-quality and meaningful information they are looking for. There are different types of content you can create, including articles, blogs, infographics, videos, eBooks, guides, podcasts, web content, etc.

improve organic SEO

Find an interesting topic and curate informative content that adds value to what the searcher is looking for. A high-quality content, optimized for SEO search results, can also help boost your page rankings.

  • On-Page Optimizations

An important step of organic search marketing is optimizing your website effectively to make it appear in top search engine results. This includes important steps like:

  • Creating SEO-friendly URLs
  • Optimizing meta descriptions and title tags
  • Improving page load time
  • Making anchor texts, headings, and subheadings optimized for search engines
  • Including quality and high-authority backlinks


For effective organic search marketing, it is crucial to hire a professional with vast knowledge and expertise in this field. Tailored SEO marketing solutions can give your website search engine authority, higher rankings, and increased traffic.    

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