Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

The internet has opened a whole new world of opportunities for the business sector. While earlier online presence only helped support your offline ventures, today, the scenario is completely reversed.  With the offline world coming to a sudden halt, social media platforms have become the only means of survival for many businesses. 

Even before the pandemic hit, the growing number of users in this platform meant businesses could not ignore them. So if you want to increase your visibility, establish thought-leadership or enter a new market, social media proves most effective.


The Right Social Media Platforms

Before you start working on your online presence, the first dilemma that you are likely to face is regarding the platform. Today there are so many different social media platforms that settling down for one becomes a tough call. Many business owners also question if there is any right or wrong forum for their business? The answer is an overwhelming yes.

Not all platforms are suitable for all types of businesses and the size of the brand. Before you begin, you need to understand your business and access your target audience and their preferences.  If you are not on the platforms your target audience prefers, all your efforts can fall flat.
You can understand your target audience’s preference by looking into the kind of content they usually consume.

Some may also have questions regarding the number of platforms that they must invest their efforts in.  While it is a great idea to maintain your profile on at least three different platforms, do not push beyond your capacity.  Start with a single platform and then opt for the others. Remember concentrating on one platform with skilful social media marketing can drive more sales than a weak presence in all places.   

The Trending Social Media Platforms

Once you have figured the answers to the above questions, you are one step closer to your right choice. Based on the user data and the present trends, here are the top contenders for you to choose from:


There are more than one billion active users of Instagram at present.  With seventy-one percent of the users being below 35, this is the best place to target a young adult audience. The key to success on social media platforms like Instagram is high-quality visual content that can easily catch your users' eyes. With provisions for interactive posts, the Instagram story feature can also increase awareness about your brand among potential customers. 

If you targeting to get local visibility, do not forget to use the geotags. Also, make use of all relevant hashtags to increase your visibility within your particular industry.


 Though Facebook has been here for a long time, it still stands strong as one of the top choices.  Most of the leading social media marketing company will initiate the online journey of brands from Facebook. This is because, with Facebook, you get access to all types of users belonging to every age group. What is more, the versatility of social media platforms like Facebook for business means it is suitable for all kinds of content.


Be it an interactive post to start a conversation or a light-hearted meme to entertain your clients; you can do it all here. For emerging and mid-sized businesses, creating a group on Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with your existing clients. To stay on top of the Facebook algorithm, make sure you also post some video content from time to time.


Do not have the time for long content? Social media platforms like Twitter may be the right tool for you. Its 280 character limit makes the content much more on point and effective. However, using its brevity can be a dicey game if you do not understand what type of content is appreciated in the platform. Using trendy hashtags is also an absolute must for the right social media marketing tools for Twitter.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the above listed social media platforms, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok and Tumblr are also fast catching up in this race. Remember, merely creating a profile is not enough. Keep engaging with your followers and keep up with the changing trends and updates by leading platforms to get maximum output for your business.

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