How to Skyrocket Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For More Visibility?

With over 810 million members on LinkedIn, it is critical for businesses to have an effective marketing strategy designed around this social networking platform. And while you thought that LinkedIn is intimidating and boring, it is the top organic and paid social channel for B2B businesses. It may not be the largest or most popular social networks, but a definitive LinkedIn marketing strategy is worth paying attention to.

Over 58 million businesses have dedicated company pages on LinkedIn- with a global network of millions of users accessing these profiles. For B2B companies, it is an unrivaled platform to build business connections and a true asset for growth hacking. So, if you are not using LinkedIn for digital marketing, then you might be missing out on lucrative options to boost your sales.


Proven LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business Growth

Discussed here are the industry best practices to leverage LinkedIn to build brand awareness and grow your business, whether B2B or B2C.

   1. Know Who Your Audience Are

Understanding your audience profile on LinkedIn is critical to building a successful strategy. Before you get started, seek answers to:

  • Who is my ideal target customer?
  • What is the demographics or profile of your audience you want to target?
  • Whom should I connect with to drive leads and conversion?
  • Type of content that will drive the right audience

This is an important step in LinkedIn marketing, or otherwise, you will find yourself connecting with just everyone- with no effective results.

   2. Build a Killer LinkedIn Profile

If you want to leverage LinkedIn for B2B or B2C, then the first thing you should do is set up a profile and optimize it for better brand visibility.


According to Forbes, on average only 57% of businesses have their company profiles on LinkedIn. This is a “missed opportunity” for companies because people are likely to purchase only when they have connected with your business. Fully complete company profiles on LinkedIn tend to generate 2x more website traffic than incomplete profiles.

The profile page must include:

  • Company logo and description
  • Website URL
  • Company type and size
  • Industry
  • Location

Use a high-resolution cover image that establishes the true essence of your brand. A catchy, short, and crisp title can also pump up your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Create a compelling LinkedIn bio that tells what you do and why they should choose you. And do not forget to add Recommendations and Featured Posts to boost the marketability of your LinkedIn profile.

   3. Create LinkedIn Articles

If you want to build engagement and generate more leads on LinkedIn, the platform offers an array of tools. LinkedIn Pulse is one such effective tool you should include in your content marketing strategy. It allows you to create and publish high-quality articles that can engage your target audience and drive more leads. Post content that provide valuable insights into your industry or niche. This helps build better brand experience, improving your visibility on the social media.

High-quality and engaging LinkedIn articles also helps drive increased traffic through link building. Social sharing allows high-authority websites and influencers to place your link on their pages- ensuring more exposure and visitors.

   4. Start a LinkedIn Group

Building a company profile on is not enough for your LinkedIn marketing strategy to work. Create a group that supports your page, or to connect with your target customers and like-minded professionals. Set up discussions or post content that deeply engage your audiences and influence them to interact. This can go a long way in building strong relationships and converting your visitors into customers.


Including a “Follow” button on your homepage or company blog can allow your website visitors to connect through LinkedIn, provide improved engagement, and also boost your organic SEO.

   5. Consistently Submit LinkedIn Posts

It is rightly said “Out of sight, out of mind.” This is especially true for modern consumers who are constantly switching social media channels for better engagement. To retain their interest and hook them on, share LinkedIn posts regularly. This ensures your target audiences get new, relevant, and useful information every time.

Make the Most of LinkedIn Marketing for Business Growth

To effectively use these LinkedIn marketing strategies, seek consultation from an expert company that specializes in offering highly targeted and result-driven digital marketing solutions. 

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