Instagram Marketing-  9 Best Tips for 2021

What launched as a photo-sharing app is today’s most widely used social media platform. Instagram’s popularity has shot up, amassing a vast user base of over 700 million active users. Consequently, the platform has the potential to quickly engage consumers and showcase your brand in the most flamboyant way. Instagram marketing is a whole new concept that is helping brands across the world build a steady online presence and generate streams of revenue. And  with the right plan, you too can make your brand influential on Instagram.

Here, we will talk about the 9 best social media marketing tips that can help you leverage Instagram for all that it is worth.

   1. Switch to a Business Account

A business account on Instagram provides access to a range of features that are not available to personal account holders. With a business account, you can get to benefit from Instagram insights, Instagram ads, a call-to-action badge on your profile, and much more. All these features can really help marketers to make the most of the platform.


   2. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

To enhance your social media advertising efforts, you must focus on creating a compelling bio. After all, it is the first thing that conveys your brand’s personality. Although Instagram offers only 150 characters, you can make the most of this space by mentioning your name, username, clickable link to your website, contact info, and a call-to-action button.

   3. Know Your Target Audience

Another important Instagram marketing tip is to conduct preliminary research to identify your audience. Consider factors like age, gender, location, motivation, interests, and pain points. You can try to discover the most popular hashtags related to your business. Once you find out who is using these hashtags, you can engage with those people. Lastly, you can check out your competitor’s followers to get an idea of your audience.

   4. Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools

There are plenty of Instagram marketing tools available that offer insights. And through these insights, you can check out statistics like engagement rate, impressions, etc. You can understand how the users are interacting with your content. And based on this interaction, it gets easier to adjust the content to better suit the needs of your target audience.

   5. Create Sponsored Ads

When it comes to Instagram marketing, the importance of creating sponsored ads cannot be undermined. With these ads, brands can promote their products to practically anyone that fits their target audience and enhance their outreach. Furthermore, they can decide in advance how much they wish to spend by setting an ad budget.


   6. Create Visually Pleasing Content

Instagram is a visual medium. You must upload photographs and videos that are well-composed, well-lit, crisp, and eye-grabbing. Each content piece should contain compelling stories that have the potential to get the viewers hooked. Some of the best content ideas for effective Instagram marketing include creating reels, quotes, text-based images, instructional posts, behind-the-scenes posts, and much more.

   7. Create a Unified Look for Your Brand

Once you have the content ideas in place, you must decide the look of it. Factors like Instagram aesthetics and color greatly impact the customer’s purchase decision. So, make sure to create an Instagram look that is consistent across all posts. This will also help your target customers identify your brand post in their feed and engage with it.

   8. Focus on Captions

Moving on, when it comes to social media marketing, your brand’s voice is as important as its look. So make sure to put that extra effort into writing captions for the posts. Instagram captions can be as long as 2,200 characters, and thus, you can use them for effective storytelling. That said, the most compelling Instagram captions are those that wrap up in 138to 150 characters.

   9. Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important to improve your brand’s visibility and discoverability. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. But for best results, it is advisable to use 5 to 9 hashtags that best describe your content.


Wrapping Up

This is our quick roundup of the most effective Instagram marketing tips and strategies. Using them can help you increase your brand’s influence and reach a greater audience. You can also get in touch with a reputed Instagram marketing company to leverage the plethora of marketing options available on the platform. 

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