How to Curate the Best Bios For Instagram That Work For Your Business?

There are 1.22 billion people using Instagram every month, making it the 4th most popular social media platform today. And if you are not leveraging the exponential reach of Instagram, you are actually giving out potential customers to your competitors who use Instagram marketing. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for businesses because it engages its users “visually.” So, if you want to build an effective connection with your audiences, create the best bios for Instagram that make your business stand out.

Why does Creating Powerful Instagram Bios Matter?

You’ve created a business profile on Instagram and of course, it comes with a bio. Now you’d be wondering why we are stressing so much on Instagram bios. It’s because your business profile bio is the first thing your audiences see when they visit your Instagram account. The more unique and captivating it is, the better it helps build a strong first impression.

best bios for instagram

Given that you have only 150 characters to write an Instagram bio, you need to make it exceptionally attractive to catch the attention of your potential customers. It shows who you are and what your business is all about. And therefore, bios play an integral role in building rock-solid brand authority. 

Just like an Instagram caption that can drive customer engagement, a bio should captivate and compel your audiences to take positive action – visit your website, fill up a form, sign up for newsletters, make a purchase, etc. It should portray your unique value proposition and establish a strong personality. Therefore, creating the best bios for Instagram should also be a part of your marketing strategy.

Crafting Compelling Instagram Bios for Your Business

Check out these effective tips to write the most compelling and high-conversion Instagram bios for your business:

1. Add Hashtags

This is a new Instagram feature, which can open up countless marketing opportunities for you. Adding linked hashtags to your bio can easily direct your audiences to specific content or campaigns that can further engage them and add value. Additionally, hashtags can help build communities of users sharing common interests and goals. This way your brand reaches out to a wider audience base and engages them in a conversation.

2. The Bio Should be Short, Crisp, and Easy to Read

Within 150 characters, the Instagram bio should clearly convey who you are, what you offer, and how you can add value to your audiences. So, keep it concise and easy to read. Using spacing and line breaks can help emphasize vital information and also makes the bio easy to understand.

best instagram bios

Test different formatting, copies, and styles to create the best bios for Instagram.

3. Include Appropriate Calls To Action (CTAs)

CTAs are one of the most crucial elements of an Instagram bio that influences your potential customers to take the desired action. Using the right call-to-actions also direct your users to your website or landing pages, where they can further engage with your brand and take positive action. Whatever social media marketing strategy you adopt, you cannot miss out on adding compelling CTAs

4. Use Emojis

Emojis render a more effective visual appeal than plain text. They can help highlight the description in your bio and even showcase your brand personality. However, use emojis only when it is relevant to the information you provide or the type of business you are in. Placing emojis in Instagram bios requires strategy and therefore, do not use one if it isn’t adding value to your bio.

5. Highlight Promotional Offers or New Releases

best bios for instagram

The best bios for Instagram are the perfect way to showcase your promotional offers, latest releases, an upcoming event, or link to a support page. More interestingly, you can continuously update your bio to include these important pieces of information, spread awareness, and attract more consumers.


If you want to ace Instagram marketing, begin with creating a compelling bio first. When you use the best bios for Instagram, it can help perfect your social media presence, garner more attention, and make your profile stand out. For expert Instagram marketing ideas and strategies, partner with a good SMM company.

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