Instagram Marketing- Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid for a Wider Reach

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms and is a significant tool for marketing yourself to millions of Instagram users. The platform is highly user-friendly and Instagram marketing can work to your advantage of reaching individuals that might require your services!

That being said, simply posting on your Instagram page and pushing out content is not enough in 2021. To market yourself efficiently and gain a wider following, you need to implement rich strategies and avoid making mistakes that can stagnate your growth online.


Here we will look into the most common mistakes that beginner marketers make while pitching on Instagram. Simply avoiding these mistakes can benefit your Instagram page right away! 

Steer Clear of These Instagram Marketing Mistakes

  1. Poor Quality Content

Instagram is a platform that is dominated by visually appealing content. By pushing out content that is of low quality, you are compromising the reach of your page! To ensure increased engagement, make sure that your content is rich in context and your posts are of high quality accompanied by high-resolution images.

Keeping up with the changing trends can also help boost the visibility of your content, driving more people to view your page.

  2. Using Too Many Hashtags


Hashtags are very important to streamline your content and appear in the relevant categories. However, using too many hashtags can make your content appear like a scam! As a general rule, 8-11 hashtags are ideal for a post. Experimenting with what works best for you can help you gain a steady following of loyal people.

  3. Irregular Engagement

Consistency is the key when it comes to Instagram marketing. Being active on your page is the first step to gathering a steady following that will last long! To maintain an engaging page, you need to:

  • Interact With your Followers

Interacting with your followers can help them get to know you more than what you post. Consistently interacting with them, like replying to your direct messages, replying to comments, etc can bring a sense of familiarity to your followers.

  • Use Instagram Stories Wisely

Stories are a fun feature on Instagram. By using interactive tools for Instagram marketing such as polls and quizzes, you can garner the attention of your followers. Tools such as polls can also help you gain insights into your content.

  • Post Regularly

Posting regularly will help fill your followers' feed regularly that after one time will help gain loyal and interacting followers!

  4. Investing in Bots

Buying followers in the name of bots is a very inefficient strategy. It is easy for Instagram to identify bots. Bots come under fraud and can get your account banned and if not, your reach will be very limited. One key feature of bots is the quality of their comments. Their comments can easily be identified as them being “bots”, this poses a very bad image on the actual followers, as comments by bots can become annoying.

  5. Lack of a Strategic Plan for Instagram Marketing

Starting a blog aimlessly will get you nowhere. Therefore, to market your content effectively, you must have a tactical plan beforehand. Implementing the following steps can help you to give direction to your Instagram page:


  • Determine Your Target Audience

Who is the audience that is ideal for your content? Is it teenagers or working mothers? There are many audiences out there and you need to find your niche before you step into social media marketing. By finding the ideal audience for you, you can connect with them more easily and creatively!

  • Set Goals and Deadlines

Give yourself deadlines to post content on your page. These deadlines will help you to reach the desired goals you have set for your page through Instagram marketing.

  • Always Give Your Content a Structure

Your content should have a sense of uniformity. Post content in line with what you are promoting. Posting random stuff on your page can be confusing to your following. Therefore, sticking to your niche and posting quality content on it can help you thrive on Instagram.

Wrapping up

Instagram marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach your followers and advertise your content. Whether you deal in jewelry or are a provider of software solutions, Instagram is the place to market your services! Working with a strategy and avoiding common mistakes can help you increase the visibility of your content to gain a wide following!

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