Google’s Core Update-Vital to Know

Google’s Core Update-Vital to Know

Did you know that the leading search engine Google processes more than 63,000 queries per second! Going by this figure, the number of searches in a year amounts to nearly 2 trillion globally. Be it complex math theories or the closest Chinese restaurant; Google offers you the answer instantly. But have you ever wondered what makes this platform so reliable? The answer could be in Google’s core update.

Google’s Core Update- Why They Are Needed

Whenever you run any search on Google, it instantly comes up with hundreds of answers. It also sorts the answers based on relevance, showing you the most apt results right at the top. Behind this simple result is actually a complex algorithm that retrieves data from its massive search index. These algorithms also take into account a multiplicity of factors that determine the ranking of the websites.

However, delivering the right results is no easy feat when there is an explosive amount of data present. But Google has been successfully delivering the right results- thanks to its constant updates. While these updates were few and far in its initial years, now it rolls out thousands of changes almost every year.

Most of these changes in Google’s core update are so slight that they barely come to notice. Even the deep changes- better known as the core updates do not make much difference to the ordinary users. However, if you are a digital marketer, you need to abreast with them. These changes may have profound influences on the website’s SEO search results and may require you to rethink the way you design your entire campaign.

Google’s Core Updates- June 2021

For the SEO community and digital marketers, June 2021 is proving to be quite an eventful month. After nearly six months of wait, Google has announced a number of algorithm updates recently. The June Core update coupled with the most anticipated Page Experience update is likely to impact the algorithms. So if you are seeking to improve organic SEO, you cannot really ignore these changes.

SEO search results, improve organic SEO

While experts are observing a slow roll-out, some movements are already visible for the past few weeks. It is also very significant to note here that all the changes are not going to be visible immediately. This is because, unlike the other core updates that you have observed so far, this time, Google is rolling out the updates in phases. So the changes visible in June are only the first part of this core update. The other part is likely to come into effect from July 2021.

The Changes So Far

Here are some of the key takeaways from Google’s core update  announced on June 2, 2021:

Impact on SERPs

Going by the SERP volatility at its peak, the average for all sectors has come to a score of 9.3 for the mobiles and 9.2 for the desktops. So in terms of scale, the expert opinion says that the latest updates are comparable to the ones launched in December 2020.

Impact On Sites

Based On Size: Small to mid-sized sites with less than 500K traffic are most affected by the latest changes.

Based On Category: Category wise, the winner of the latest Google’s core update are the telecom and internet, food and drinks and law and government sector so far. These are followed by shopping, entertainment and sports. These updates influenced SERP winners to gain nearly 23 points. Standing on the bottom of the bottom of the list was the science and auto and vehicles sector.

However, if you see in terms of position drop, the jobs and education seemed to be the loser in this core update. However, it is yet too early to declare any clear winner or loser. This is because even winning sectors such as food and drinks are seeing massive drops with the elapse of time.

Look Out For What’s To Come

Many may be surprised that these latest Google’s core update is not garnering as much attention as they usually do. Experts know that the page experience update and the second installment of the core update in the pipeline. So clearly, it is too early to engage in much discussion. The full impact of the latest changes will only become clear once the other updates come into effect.

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