How to Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience & Skyrocket Your Sales?

The global ecommerce industry is projected to reach $5.55 trillion in 2022 and this clearly indicates how aggressive the market is. So, how do you cut through the competition and stand out among 12 million to 24 million ecommerce websites in the market today? The answer is – improved ecommerce customer experience (CX).

As an ecommerce company, you’d know that to survive in the long run, just having a killer product is not enough. The quality of your product alone is not enough to attract and engage your potential customers and convert them into sales. In fact, ‘product’ is no more the primary reason why customers buy from an ecommerce store. In this scenario, it is crucial to deliver an enhanced customer experience that can help build long-term relationships.

customer experience

This article covers proven ways to improve customer experience – an important ecommerce marketing tactic that can help drive customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. 

Proven Tactics to Improve Customer Experience For Your Ecommerce Business

In the ecommerce industry, CX holds utmost importance because it is how customers interact with your ecommerce website. If you fail to create a strong first impression, your visitors will easily switch to another online store for a better experience. Through an improved ecommerce customer experience, you can build trust among your visitors, engage them meaningfully, and convince them to make a purchase.

And not just on your website; you should continue to deliver an enhanced experience across all customer touchpoints.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your customer experience.

1) Ensure Your Ecommerce Website is User Friendly

To deliver an improved ecommerce customer experience, make sure your website is user-friendly. Begin with a thorough audit of your website and check for the following:

  • Is your ecommerce store visually appealing?
  • How fast and properly does the website load?
  • How convenient is it for our website visitors to find products?
  • Does the shopping cart provide the option to view and modify the contents?
  • Is the content informative, relevant, and engaging?
  • Do you provide a secure and hassle-free payment gateway?
  • How good you are in customer support, service, and sales?

Take these factors into consideration to design a user-friendly ecommerce website. Integrate a “search” feature that is clearly visible and allows your users to find the products they are looking for. The pages should be easy-to-navigate, which makes it simpler for your website visitors to browse your products, read content, check out, or make payments.

improve ecommerce customer experience

Also, ensure your ecommerce website offers a seamless checkout process to reduce shopping cart abandonment.  

2) Offer a Personalized Ecommerce Customer Experience

Many ecommerce marketers think that simply customizing recipients’ names in email messages can help offer a personalized experience. However, it is much more than that. Product offers, content, and even your digital ads should align with the customers’ pain points and needs.

To personalize user experience, you can use their website-browsing history, past purchases, location information, etc. This enables you to tailor your product offers, make the most relevant product recommendations, and more. Personalization helps create customer loyalty, reduced bounce rate and abandonments, and impulse purchases.

3) Make Your Product Pages More Compelling

Create compelling product pages that have captivating visuals, descriptive copy, and easy navigation. Create a unique value proposition by integrating a product description, pricing, and eye-catchy photos of the products. So, customers should have a clear idea of what the products can do and how these can add value to them.

Each page, including the copy, should be focused on your brand. At the same time, consider including user-generated content, such as reviews, on your product pages for a compelling ecommerce customer experience. This helps establish validity and trust. An ideal way to create compelling product pages is to have cleanly-designed features, scrolling pages, information on specification & sizing, photos, reviews, and accessories. This makes the page comprehensive and informative, leaving less space for questions.

ecommerce customer experience

The Final Thoughts

These are the most basic yet highly effective ways to improve your ecommerce customer experience. In addition, ecommerce marketers should also focus on optimizing their online store for mobile. Create and publish compelling and educational content consistently and frequently to add customer value. At the same time, continuously measure your customer loyalty and satisfaction to optimize your ecommerce marketing campaigns and deliver an improved experience.

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