How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Product Listing to Skyrocket Your Sales?

In the digital environment, your business growth depends majorly on the customer experience you provide. While you might be focusing on optimizing your home page or product description pages, you tend to overlook the hidden goldmine for higher click-through rates and conversions – the ecommerce product listing page.

What is a Product Listing Page?

Product listing pages function as a catalog on your virtual storefront. They list all the products available under a specific category, serving two primary roles – product awareness and conversion boosters. Product listing pages (PLPs) are displayed when someone searches for a product on your ecommerce store by its category.

product listing

For example, t-shirts for men. This will display your PLPs, listing all t-shirts for men available on your online store. The customer can then use filters to narrow down the search results as per his unique needs and specifications. Hence, product listing pages are also considered search results or category pages.

A good product listing page should include:

  • A short description
  • Images and videos
  • Customer rating
  • Price
  • Purchase options – E.g., “Add to Cart” or “Buy”

However, ecommerce product listing pages do much more than just display your products. They serve as a bridge between your customers and product description pages, persuading them down the sales funnel until they make a purchase. It is that page of your ecommerce website where the customers first come across your products (unless they search anything very specifically, which is rare).

Therefore, it is the best way to create a lasting impression on your customers and influence them to click. Discussed here are proven strategies to optimize your product listing page and drive more conversions.

3 Product Listing Optimization Tactics To Turn Your Ecommerce Visitors into Buyers

Discussed here are 3 effective strategies that can help improve customer experience on your product listing pages and drive better ecommerce marketing results.

1) Make the Page Layout Compelling & Easy to Navigate

ecommerce product listing

One of the priorities of optimizing your ecommerce product listing is to create a compelling page layout that engages your audiences and persuades them to make a purchase. At the same time, focus on improving the page speed. Here are some valuable tips for you:

  • The product listing page should load in 2 seconds or even less. If the page takes too long to display all the products, it can impede the customer’s purchase journey right there. According to Neil Patel, 40% of consumers will abandon an ecommerce website if it takes over 3 seconds to load. So, optimize the page speed to improve the user experience on your product listing page.
  • Instead of infinite scrolling, add pagination or “load more.” This will make the customers feel less overwhelmed and enable them to conveniently see as many products as possible. When you integrate the “load more” option, it will force the buyers to consider all the options available.
  • Include not more than four images per row and present them in grid view. For mobile browsing, limit the number of images to two per row. This will make the page look uncluttered and offer an improved product view.
  • Use SEO-friendly header text and a compelling banner, and position it at the top of your ecommerce product listing

2) Offer an Eye-Catchy and Captivating Product View

When your ecommerce store visitors view the product listing page, the impression should be impactful. Therefore, it is important to make the PLP visually appealing and engaging. This is especially true for mobile commerce – efficiently presenting the products while reducing eye fatigue. It is a powerful strategy to improve mobile conversions.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Use high-quality product images and standardize them to render an aesthetic and harmonious look. Standardizing means maintaining the same background colors, displays, and angles for all your product images
  • Include more images on hover
  • Integrate short and appealing product videos

3) Include Persuasion Triggers to Entice Your Customers

Adding persuasion triggers like flash sales or limited period offers may help instill a sense of urgency and scarcity among your audiences. Hence, they will be more aggressive and interested in taking an action. This is a great way to boost conversions and drive growth for your ecommerce business by incorporating the element of Fear of Missing Out.

ecommerce product listing


In addition to the above strategies, there are several other ways you can optimize your ecommerce product listing pages – adding Call-to-Actions, using quick Add buttons, and displaying product ratings. This will help build trust and offer a seamless user experience, increasing your click-through rates and conversions.

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