What are the Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?

Did you know artificial intelligence can boost business efficiency by 40%? When used strategically, artificial intelligence in marketing can take your business to new levels of success. The digital marketplace is ever-evolving. Competition is getting cut-throat. Consumer behavior and preferences are changing faster than ever. In this scenario, artificial intelligence is a smart way to outperform the competition, connect to your audiences, and engage with them meaningfully.

In this blog, we will understand the role of AI in marketing and how it can help drive improved marketing benefits.

What is AI in Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence leverages leading-edge technologies like natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, and other concepts to build a rock-solid marketing strategy. Modern consumers demand high levels of personalization in products and services today. And AI can help marketing teams to reorganize their strategies with a customer-centric approach. Artificial Intelligence has become a critical tool that helps curate highly engaging and result-driven marketing creatives, drive personalization and build customer relationships.


Artificial intelligence in marketing provides the ability to thoroughly understand what customers want, and curate highly personalized & targeted content that resonates with your brand value. It also helps provide predictive customer service, improving the quality of products and services you offer. Using machine learning will help understand what brand stories to tell the consumers, emotions and values to convey, and how to weave these into a message that will drive impact across all customer touchpoints.

Taking digital marketing to the next level, artificial intelligence is also considered to help boost organic SEO traffic.

Why Use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?

Discussed here are the advantages of using artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing.

1. Deliver relevant, engaging, and personalized brand messages

Artificial intelligence enables businesses to conduct predictive analysis to deeply understand user preferences. Based on the data, they can make product or service recommendations that best fit the users’ needs and preferences. For instance, Amazon uses this feature to show recommended products based on the buyers’ past buying history or search patterns. On the other hand, Netflix uses predictive analysis to recommend shows that might interest users.

AI enables marketers to create a set of data points that can guide users to a relevant product or service. Such a personalized approach not only aids in improved customer satisfaction but also helps marketers to address users’ problems in a more systematic way.

2. Streamline your digital marketing efforts

Artificial intelligence in marketing is an effective way to streamline complex and mundane marketing operations, helping save time and improving productivity. It uses deep learning that allows computer systems to identify user behavior accurately and predict which leads have a high potential to become customers. There are dedicated AI-based software solutions that can help automate tasks, making it easier and faster for businesses to connect with their audiences.


Certain AI programs can provide accurate data with regard to which leads are most likely to convert into sales. This enables businesses to focus their marketing efforts to nurture these leads – and not waste time on leads that are less likely to convert.

3. Create effective customer retention strategies

Artificial intelligence allows businesses to retain more valuable customers by helping identify who is more likely to leave at any given time – enabling you to take immediate actions before it is too late. There are many customers who will churn unexpectedly, without exhibiting that they are unhappy. Retaining such customers is the most challenging for businesses.

However, Artificial intelligence in marketing can now help predict which customers are most likely to leave. This gives marketers the time to react and build effective customer retention strategies around these customers. Through personalized experiences, offers, and promotions at scale, you can now retain more customers and improve their level of satisfaction.

4. Optimize your marketing campaigns across multiple channels

Using machine learning and predictive analytics, you can now optimize your marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Artificial intelligence analyzes millions of data points simultaneously to understand what brand messages and content are likely to boost conversions on different channels. Likewise, you can optimize your advertising budget or dedicate your marketing efforts to the right channel that direct qualified leads.


The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence in marketing can significantly improve performance and drive increased ROI. The role of AI will continue to grow, enabling marketers to personalize their digital marketing solutions, drive engagement, and generate more sales.

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