How to Create Long Form Content?

Long-form content is lengthy blogs with detailed descriptions of the topic. One has to conduct in-depth research to create such content. These articles provide a better perspective to the readers. Research papers, long blog posts, eBooks, and guides come in this category.


The minimum content length of long blogs varies between 700-1000 words, while the maximum has no limits. However, mere words cannot do the work here. These articles must have a purpose and a substance. Only then can they be indexed on Google and have an SEO ranking. You will have more chances of success if you follow the strategies of different types of long-form content. The current article covers several aspects of it.

What Are The Benefits if You Create Long Form Content?

Long-form content offers a lot more than what people expect. The attention to detail in the blogs attracts avid readers. Following are some benefits of lengthy blogs:-

  • Better engagement rate of the site- People tends to engage more with long blogs. They comment on their views and increase the engagement rate of your site.
  • Establish authority and recognition of the website- Comprehensive blogs reflect your insightfulness and control. Professionals encourage to create long form content as it help you to establish brand authority and a better reputation.
  • More social media shares of the blog- People share the blogs if they find them informative. More social media sharing would bring more audience to your blog.


  • Scope to add more links to the site- The longer the article, the more there is scope to add links. Backlinks are a strong SEO strategy.
  • Higher organic traffic and conversions- Lengthy blogs attract more people and increase the chance of a conversion. More organic traffic would add to your relevance. More conversion rates would bring you more revenue.

Key To Create long form content

Like any other aspect of content writing, long blogs have criteria to rank in SEO. Firms expect their writers to know these criteria. The key to creating long-form content is ATE which stands for aims, title, and elaborate.

Set your Aim before writing 

You should know what your target is. Study the objectives of the firm and the website. Decide your target customers. Research the keywords your target customers are most likely to search. The set goals will guide the article throughout.

Decide a Title for the blog

Now that your objectives are clear, you need to create a title. This title should be creative and attractive. At the same time, it should clearly define the content. Make sure to use the keyword in the title to get better SEO when you create long form content.

Elaborate the content further

You are all set to write the article now. Research about the topic in-depth. Know every aspect of the title you are writing on. Create sub-heads to protect the interest of the readers across the blog.

Optimize The Content

You may want to check for the results. Many want to know the quality of the article from an SEO point of view before publishing. You may ask an SEO company or a website to check if your blog is optimized.

Scan the URLs already available on the internet related to your topic. Compare your content with the top-rated links on Google. Check if there is any scope of improvement in your blog.


Following are some tips to create long form content that is SEO optimized:-

  • Use keywords naturally. Don't just add the keywords for the sake of using them. Make your content sound genuine and relevant.
  • Add multiple media content. Don't just stick to text. Add images, audio files, videos, and GIFs to get better engagement.
  • Hyperlink internal and external sites. Add relevant links to your blog that may be helpful to the readers. Internal links help to increase the time spent on your website. External links add to your relevance.

Final Words

There is no technicality in writing long-form content. You need to follow the basic rules of content writing. Focus on quality over quantity. Follow every step to add relevance to your article. Create long form content and establish better brand recognition and trustworthiness.

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