Google November 2021 Core Update- How To Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

The year 2020 saw the launch of its final Google algorithm update in December. This time they have done so in November. Google seemed to be reluctant to launch any fresh updates this year. At least, some felt so due to the hiatus of almost four months. However, the search engine giant proved the speculators wrong by announcing a Google November 2021 core update.

This fresh launch has caused problems for many website owners. Have you also witnessed your website’s ranking drop after the arrival of the new Google algorithm update? According to Google, recovering from this issue should not be too difficult. The section below talks about some crucial suggestions Google offered to help websites to enjoy better SEO search results.

How to Avoid Downfalls Post Google November 2021 Core Update?

Google wants website owners to focus only on adding high-quality content to their sites. According to the Mountain View-based company, good content is something they always look to reward. Experts representing the company want site owners to answer the following questions when assessing content quality.


  • Do readers get original information, research, analysis, or reporting from the content?
  • Is the content providing readers with a substantial and comprehensive description of the subject?
  • Are the readers getting any interesting information or insightful analysis that’s beyond obvious from the content?
  • In case the content is inspired by other sources, is it an exact copy or rewrite of those sources?
  • Does the page title/headline offer a descriptive and useful summary of the page’s content?
  • Is the page title/headline shocking or exaggerating in nature?
  • Is the content interesting and informative enough for people to bookmark the page, recommend it, or share it with friends?
  • Do you think the content is so good that books or printed magazines will use it for reference?

More Questions You Must Answer To Evaluate Google November 2021 Core Update

The above-mentioned questions are the basic ones you must find answers to when assessing your website’s content. The questions below are more advanced ones:

  • Has the content creator mentioned the facts and figures in a way so that readers would love to trust them? To make readers trust your content, you’ll need the following:
  • Information on the author’s or your website’s background
  • Evidence of the author’s or your website’s expertise
  • Clear sourcing
  • Will the readers researching your website start to believe that your site is a widely recognized and well-trusted expert on the subject it is dealing with?
  • Has the content been created by an enthusiast or expert with in-depth knowledge of the subject?
  • Can you call the content error-free (these include both factual and grammatical errors)?

Errors You Shouldn’t Commit Following the Google November 2021 Core Update

Have you come up with the most informative and helpful content, but still failed to meet Google’s expectations? This usually happens due to presentation errors. Other than implementing the best SEO strategies, you should keep the following things in mind.


  • Spelling mistakes and stylistic issues bring down the quality of any written content significantly.
  • You cannot use content that has been hastily produced or looks sloppy.
  • If you are using mass-produced content or have outsourced content creation to a team of creators, you must ensure that the content you have received is of similar quality. To put it more bluntly, every piece of written content must be informative, error-free, and nicely written.
  • Never commit the mistake of including too many advertisements in your content. That would distract your target readers from the actual content.
  • Make sure that the content on your website remains readable on mobile devices too.

Compete Well with Your Rivals

You must also ensure that the content you are offering is better than that of your rival websites. That’s because if you want your search engine optimization plans to work, you must ensure that your site looks more interesting and useful than others appearing on the search engine result pages.


Google has announced the update on November 17 and took time till the 30th of the same month to roll it out completely. It will take some more time for website owners to adjust themselves to the new algorithm. However, it doesn’t seem that the Google November 2021 core update is too hot to handle. Just being a little careful about the content quality would ensure that you’ll not struggle with your site’s ranking.

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