Is Page Experience an SEO Ranking Factor?

Is Page Experience an SEO Ranking Factor?

Google’s Page Experience update in 2021 has established a new factor that influences the SEO ranking of a website. In broad terms, this update requires your website to be easily accessible to your audience. In today’s electronic environment, a user-friendly website not only ranks higher but has several advantages.


It is crucial to understand all of the SEO ranking factors and how you can work with them to get the most out of your website.

Understanding Page Experience

Page Experience involves a set of signals that will compute how your website is being perceived by visitors based solely on interaction and not the value of your content. Google makes use of certain metrics to estimate the Page Experience Report.

In simple terms, if your audience is able to navigate around your website easily, you will be ranked higher than websites that are difficult to use. Furthermore, if your website is user-friendly and full of high-quality content, you are more likely to rank higher.

However, if your visitors face difficulties finding what they are looking for and leave your website, your rankings are likely to fall.

In conclusion, Google wants online marketers to put efforts on both fronts, i.e, creating top-notch content and a harmonious website.

Defining the Page Experience Ranking Mechanism

The new update is to drive marketers and website creators to build a website that is UX optimized. This new scheme has nothing to do with the quality of the content posted on the website, but how well it is presented and perceived.


Your Google page ranking will be based on the interplay of the quality of content and the accessibility of the overall website.

Significance of the Page Experience Update

An update in SEO ranking factors is a regular occurrence. However, this particular update by Google considers the perspective of the users. In essence, this update is a win-win for both the users and smaller websites.

Effective Steps to Prepare for this Update

As an online marketer, you need to be aware of the changing trends in SEO and how you can thrive during that time.

Here are some proven ways that will help your website reach the next level and subsequently rank higher on Google:

Work on Becoming Mobile Friendly

Using a smartphone to browse the internet is at its peak. Having a website that is flawless to access on a mobile device can give you a competitive edge in the market. It is a desirable practice to ensure that the Page Experience of your website is perfectly aligned on both desktop and mobile formats.


Emphasize on Interactivity

Your website’s First Input Display or FID is the time taken for the link or button to open when pressed by the users. According to Google, the ideal waiting period should be less than 100 milliseconds.

Similarly, users are aware of the time they are required to wait for. If they are made to wait for a longer duration, they are likely to leave. Usually, delays such as these are due to the heavy workload on the website. To improve the first impression of your website, improving upon FID is important.

Using PageSpeed Insights and similar tools can help you understand the status of your website and how you can further improve upon it to enhance your website’s Page Experience.

Stick With a Minimalistic Approach

It is in the best interest of your website that you stay away from fancy fonts that are tough on the eyes and is difficult to comprehend. Contrary to the popular belief, using simpler fonts can improve the overall aesthetical value of your website. You should be focusing on matching the fonts and the backdrop colours to make your website look more appealing.

Wrapping Up

Google’s Page Experience update was aimed to provide smaller websites with a better chance to stand out. By understanding the key concepts of website optimization and other SEO ranking factors, you can increase your website’s traffic significantly. Furthermore, working with an SEO company can help you to not only keep up with SEO trends but implement them for your brand’s growth.

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