What Is the Role of Reviews in SEO?

The world already knows how crucial search engine optimization is for achieving online success. Businesses, as well as individuals, use different techniques to make their SEO strategies more effective than rival groups. This write-up will talk about the role of reviews in SEO.

To begin with, you must know that recent years have seen every top SEO agency use reviews to make the online presence of their clients more prominent. As you will read the pointers below, you’ll find out why SEO experts, as well as businesses, rely so much on reviews.

Use Reviews in SEO to Have More Online Content with Keywords Relevant to Your Business

Have you ever thought that your customers can be content creators too? You’ll start believing it once you read this segment.


Stop treating customer reviews only as feedback. Consider those small write-ups as content talking about your business, products, and /or services. Whenever someone leaves a review of your company or offerings online, Google receives fresh content.

The reviews might talk good about your business or might feature negative comments. Whatever might be the case, they will always include relevant keywords. The presence of these keywords allows Google to understand your business better. This, in turn, helps the search engine giant to give you a better position on SERPs.

Using Reviews in SEO Makes Beating Rival Groups Easier

Your rival groups will prepare SEO strategies focusing primarily on search terms, website navigation, and coding. You must do all these, but also encourage your customers to write reviews. Reviews will allow you to beat your rival companies more easily.

You can achieve a higher rank on search engine result pages by gathering reviews and adorning your website with rich snippets. The reviews will appear as golden stars under your listings. Your target audience will find it hard to ignore those luxurious icons and visit your site to find out what exactly you have in store.

Your potential customers can be skeptical about claims made by you. However, it’s unlikely that they will have similar thoughts about reviews written by real buyers. Positive reviews (and at times even mixed reviews) will help you to build trust among the target audience. This tends to generate higher CTR compared to the rival businesses irrespective of where you are located on SERPs. That’s the reason even experts are also vouching for the importance of reviews in SEO.

Google Believes Customer Feedback

The last five years have seen the advent of a plethora of innovative SEO strategies. However, one thing that has not changed a bit is the importance of quality links. It’s difficult to write an exact definition for quality links. The one feature that should be present in a link for it to be high-quality is relevant and informative content. When a real customer reviews your product/service, it turns out to be both informative and relevant.


Google checks and assesses reviews exactly like a potential customer. When your business receives positive reviews, Google will perceive that your brand and offerings are of high quality and thus are extremely valuable. The search engine giant always aims to offer the best possible information to searchers. So, it gives businesses with a higher number of positive reviews better ranks on SERPs than those with a lesser number of such reviews.

If your business manages to get high volumes of positive customer reviews, your chances of appearing high up on the result pages will be greater. Thus, focusing on offering the best products/services and getting positive reviews in return is a terrific way of impressing Google and achieving higher ranks on SERPs. A top SEO company can help you in making the best use of positive reviews for more effective SEO.

Responding to Reviews Can Show Great Results

By now you know how big the role of reviews in SEO is. You can increase the efficacy of reviews even further by responding to them. In fact, Google has publicly encouraged businesses to respond to reviews to achieve higher ranks.

Final Words

The discussion above must have helped you to understand how do reviews improve SEO. Start using reviews in SEO today for seeing your website achieve a higher rank on SERPs.

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