What are the 5 Best SEO Tools That Experts are Using in 2022?

Mastering the art and science of Search Engine Optimization can be tricky, particularly if you are just getting started. Thankfully, using the right SEO tools can help improve search engine rankings, reach the right target audience, increase visibility, and generate traffic. 

Find out the top SEO software that experts are actually using and will work best for your business in 2022.

    1. Google Search Console: One of The Best Free SEO Tools

Google Search Console is one of the top SEO tools that is available for free. It enables you to monitor your website’s presence and performance in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). By adding a unique code to your website, the tool allows you to verify your website through Google Analytics. The Search Console also allows you to submit the sitemap for Google to index.


While it is not necessary to have a Search Console account to make your website appear in the search results, but having one can help control how your website is represented and what gets indexed. It functions as an SEO checker tool that enables you to understand how your users and Google view the website. Hence, you can optimize the website and all its elements for better performance.

    2. Ahrefs: Best SEO Keyword Tool

Ahrefs is the one of the largest website crawlers, second to Google. But one of the most interesting aspects of such SEO tools is it provides high-quality and actionable data and analytics to help improve website performance. From the best Keywords Explorer to an upgraded Site Explorer or Ahrefs Domain Comparison, the tool can be most effective to improve organic SEO rankings.

It has some great features, while having user-friendly navigation that can help get started quickly. However, it stands out in keyword research, providing some of the best keyword suggestions that can help drive increased page rankings and visibility in SERPs. It can also be useful for an in-depth site audit or to understand key SEO metrics for effective link building.

    3. SEMRush: Best Marketing SEO Tool

Effective marketing SEO tools such as SEMRush is one of the most favorites among SEO experts. Users love that the tool can be easily used to monitor your website rankings, while also identifying new ranking opportunities or changes in SEO ranking trends. One of the most interesting features of such SEO tools is the Domain vs Domain analysis. This enables you to compare your website to the competitors.


It also provides comprehensive analytics reports that can help better understand the website’s traffic, search traffic, or competitors. SEMRush On-Page SEO Checker tool is another feature that enables you to track your website rankings and get actionable insights on how to boost website’s performance.

    4. BuzzSumo: Best Social Media Tool

Social media marketing is an integral part of off-page SEO and plays a crucial role in improving page rankings. It provides easy-to-understand data that enables you to identify topics, industry trends, and influencers to help build a powerful social media presence.


BuzzSumo also has other key features that include backlink monitoring, real-time updates, and content research. Together, these features work towards building a full-proof social media strategy for improved organic SEO results.

    5. Moz Pro: Best SEO Software

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO toolset that enables your business to improve search engine visibility and grow your traffic. The SEO tools offer a gamut of important features like Link Explorer, Keyword Research, and Campaign Management. It is one of the best SEO software that experts actually use and deliver quality results.

Whether you are looking for a website crawl or keyword suggestions, Moz Pro is a powerhouse of intuitive features that help improve organic SEO results. You will also get valuable insights into how the website is performing and ways to improve it. The free MozBar toolbar enables you to download key website metrics when browsing a page.

Using the best SEO tools gives you actionable insights that can help improve your page rankings, drive traffic, and boost conversions. The list of SEO software mentioned above are gold, helping improve the bottom line. A good SEO company leverages these powerful tools to create a full-proof SEO strategy that delivers long-term results. Skyrocket your business growth with effective SEO tools.

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