4 Proven Content Marketing Ideas to Improve Organic SEO

The adage – Content is King – still stands true in today’s fast-evolving SEO environment. For successful content marketing, it is important to create high-quality and relevant content that addresses the customers’ needs and pain points. A powerful content strategy plays a crucial role in SEO, providing the framework for brand promotion across multiple channels and growing your audience reach.

And if you aren’t harnessing the power of ‘content’ yet, here’s why it’s time to change your SEO strategy and integrate content as a focal point:

  • Content is 3x more efficient in driving quality leads and better conversions than outbound marketing strategies
  • 90% of marketers have a solid content strategy in place and plan to increase their budget further in 2022
  • The primary goal of content development is to build trust & credibility, educate audiences, and promote brand awareness

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Are you failing to drive a significant boost in traffic and conversions despite implementing various search engine optimization techniques? Then develop a content marketing strategy to drive organic traffic and consistent business growth. Here are some great ideas to get started with.

Top Content Marketing Trends and Tips to Improve Your SEO

Here are the latest trends and tactics to watch out for in 2022:

1) Know more about user intent and search patterns

Before rounding up a content development strategy, it is important to understand:

  • Your customers’ search intent
  • What they like most about your website
  • How your website visitors interact with your landing pages
  • Type of content they would want to read more

To understand your customers’ search intent, you can study important metrics like average time spent on each page, page views, bounce rate, and conversions. Also, review your competitors’ content that they are ranking for similar keywords.

2) Create high-quality and original long-form content

Content marketing is an essential component of a killer SEO strategy. And nothing can beat the impact that high quality, relevant and long-form content has on search engine indexability and users.

According to SEO experts, marketers should not remain fixated on quantity – publishing as much content as possible. Rather they should focus on “quality” and “relevance.” Unless a piece of content is relevant to what your customers are looking for, the engagement rate will be poor. More importantly, these are the two most important ranking factors for search engines.

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And when it comes to quality and relevance, long-form content can be most effective. It takes an in-depth approach to a topic, catering to the customer’s pain points and needs. This makes the content more engaging and valuable for your users. High-quality, long-form content also makes the page more indexable by search engines, helping improve organic SEO rankings.

3) Leverage the power of short-form videos and infographics

The popularity of online videos has been exponential in recent times. As of 2021, a user spends on average 18 hours per week watching online videos. Integrating videos into your content marketing strategy can help drive better engagement and more traffic. Videos are an excellent way to communicate your brand message because they instantly catch attention and engage your audience. The same is for infographics that beautifully present the content in a visually-appealing way.

Google loves highly engaging and relevant video content and infographics. Such content is likely to rank higher owing to the quality, relevance, and value they add to the users. Additionally, the content is easily shareable, maximizing reach and driving higher engagement rates.

4) Consider podcasting to build a powerful content strategy

Podcasts are reigning content development trends today. In 2021, U.S. consumers alone listened to over 15 million hours of podcasts. In fact, 20% of consumers have reported buying a product or service after listening to a podcast. And this trend will continue to grow in 2022.

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More and more businesses are using podcasts in content marketing because they generate real results and help drive more leads and revenues.

The Final Words

Want to reach more traffic, engage them meaningfully, and convert them into paying customers? Leverage these proven tactics and the latest trends to strengthen your content marketing strategy, improve SEO rankings, and drive better conversions.

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