What is Google Indexing and How to Make It Faster?

What is Google Indexing and How to Make It Faster?

Gsoogle indexing plays a significant role in promoting your business online and getting organic traffic. If you are into SEO, it is necessary to index your page by search engines.

Many people do not understand the term. Which in turn restricts them from ranking their web pages in top search results.

To get a better understanding of Google indexing, and to know how to do it, read the following blog post.

What Is Google Indexing?

Google crawlers or google bots visit the web pages and analyze the content. They examine everything on the blog involving media content. These indexed pages are shown by Google whenever a user types a search query related to that.

Why Is Google Indexing Important?

To make your site or web page rank in top search results, you need to index your web pages on Google. Also, you need to know about the process followed by search engines to discover your web pages.


Following are the three basic steps taken by search engines:-

  • Crawl: Robots crawl through your website to examine the content.
  • Index: Crawling assertions by search engines count your website in its report. For Google, it is called index.
  • Rank: Depending on the search query of relevant users, the search engine indexes the site. They do the ranking in terms of several factors, such as user-friendliness.

Therefore, Google indexing would rank your website higher or lower.

Now that you know about Google indexing and why it is necessary, let's discuss how you will get Google to index your website.

How To Get Google Index Your Site?

The most straightforward way to get Google indexing on your site is to request the indexing with the software Google Search Console. To do this, visit the Google Search Console's URL Assessment Tool and paste the URL of your website on the search bar.

Let Google check your URL. If it is not indexed, press the "Request Indexing" switch.

Google will take some time to index your website. It may happen that your website is not at all indexed by Google if it does not meet all criteria to allow Google crawlers.


You can take the following steps for Google indexing your site:-

  • Check for robots.txt file or crawl blocks: These robots.txt files act as indicators for Googlebot to restrict themselves to crawl on a web page. These crawl blocks are present in the coding script. You can operate robots.txt scripts to prioritize some pages. This step would help the crawlers to crawl through these pages of your website, which will also prevent overloading your website with too many indexing requests.
  • Clean all your SEO tags: With the help of SEO tags, you can guide search engine spiders or bots. There are two main kinds of SEO tags that you need to optimize. Rogue noindex tags- restrict the search engines from Google indexing your pages, and Rogue Canonical Tags- tell the crawlers to prefer a particular part of a website. If a page lacks a canonical tag, the Googlebot can easily crawl through the page, and there is no chance of finding any other version of that page.
  • Prioritize High-quality information-: High-Quality content increases the chances of indexing and ranking your site. To assure that your website content performs high, find and terminate low-quality content. Also, try to optimize underperforming pages to rank higher in search results. Prioritizing high-quality content allows Googlebot to concentrate on specific pages of your website. This technique helps you to improve SEO for your website.

You may even contact a professional SEO company if you are not good with these technicalities. Invest your best in your website to get the best results.

Last Words

Google indexing is a term that every writer understands to get organic SEO traffic. And to do that, you need to understand what Google index is and how you can index your website in Google. Research all the factors well before applying this to your blogs.

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