How to Boost Your Local SEO With Content Marketing?

How to Boost Your Local SEO With Content Marketing?

Customers are constantly searching for products and services “near them.” And they want the results fast. Is your business showing up at the right time when customers search locally? How to ensure they will choose your brand out of all other local businesses offering similar products and services? Is your business optimized for local SEO?

In this blog, we will understand what local search engine optimization is and how to make your business discoverable through effective content marketing.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local search engine optimization is an SEO tactic that helps optimize a website to boost page rankings and visibility in local search engine result pages (SERPs).


If your business has a physical location or you want to serve a specific geographic area, local search engine optimization can help. In a scenario where 46% of all Google searches include a local intent, it is important for businesses to ensure people can find them online- and at the right time.

“Near me” searches on Google are increasing. You may miss out on a primary channel to drive customers for your local business if you fail to have an effective local SEO strategy in place.

Why is Local Content Marketing Important?

Just like any digital marketing strategy, local search engine optimization also works on great content. It is only through high-quality, most relevant, and SEO-friendly content that you can improve organic SEO rankings. And higher rankings mean greater visibility in SERPs, which can help drive more local visitors.

Here are 3 ways you can optimize your content for local search engine optimization:

   1. Include Local Keywords in Your Content

When people search for local businesses in Google, they would typically include phrases like “near me” or city name. This enables Google to generate results specific to that location.

To make your business rank high in SERPs, effective keyword optimization is important. However, the keywords must be location-specific. Adding local mentions throughout the content enables Google to easily index the page for relevant local searches. This helps improve your visibility in local SEO results. Optimized local keywords should be included in meta titles, meta descriptions, navigation pages, URL, subheadings, and all through the content.

Suppose, you run a restaurant in Manhattan. Including local mentions in the content such as “best restaurant in Manhattan,” etc. can help you rank for the keywords when someone searches for it in Google. And when people sees your website at the top of search results for specific local searches, they are likely to click.

   2. Curate Local Content

When you are targeting local customers, try to create localized content that adds value to the audiences. You can cover local trends, local business updates, events, etc. that can draw in and hook your readers.


Here are some local content ideas for you:

If you are a tour operator, consider topics like “best” or “top 10” tourist attractions or restaurants to eat in your area. For IT companies, you may curate the content around local IT trends, upcoming events in your location, etc.

Most importantly, do not limit your local SEO content to web pages- get creative and add more value with blogs, social media posts, guest posting, article submissions, etc.

   3. Guest Post on Local Websites

To extend the reach of your local business and drive more customers, it is crucial to branch out with your content marketing strategy. Guest posting is an effective way to establish your expertise in a particular subject matter. It also enables you to earn high-quality backlinks.

Guest blogging on local websites is one of the best ways to drive local links and efficiently market your content. This helps improve your local search rankings and attract potential customers.


But how to find local websites or publishers where you can guest post? Here’s a quick tip for you:

Search with “location name + website + submit a guest post/guest post/write for us.” Put your city or state in place of the “location name.” Understand their guest posting guidelines and local reach before you submit content.


In addition to the above content marketing ideas, consider partnering with local search engine marketing company to boost your local SEO results.

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