What Is Offpage SEO and Why Do You Need It?

What Is Offpage SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Imagine: You’ve taken every step possible to optimize your website. From doing keyword research to curating in-depth content, optimizing your images, or setting up the website structure – you have done everything. Yet, you are struggling to rank your website on search engines.

Wondering what have you done wrong?

Perhaps you have only solved one half of the puzzle named Search Engine Optimization. There is another side of the coin that plays an integral role in building your website’s recognition and authority – it is off -page SEO.


In this blogpost, we will understand what is off-page search engine optimization and why it is important for your website.

What is Off-Page SEO?

So, what is off-page SEO? It is an effective SEO tactic that is also an important ranking factor on Google.

It refers to all the ‘optimization’ strategies adopted outside the website to increase its search engine rankings. While the website structure, content and performance are pivotal elements of your SEO strategy, Google also weighs other factors to determine a page’s ranking. It involves understanding your website’s authority and recognition through sources outside its domain. That is where off-page SEO is so crucial for your website’s search engine rankings.

Optimizing your website for off-page ranking factors includes improving the perception of your users and search engines regarding the authority, trustworthiness, relevance, and popularity of the website. This can be best portrayed through your website’s standing on other high-authority places on the Internet, including the social media, sites, pages, people, etc. It vouches for the quality and credibility of your website.

How Off-Page SEO is Different from On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to all the actions you take to optimize and improve your website’s structure, performance, and content. On the other hand, off-page search engine optimization are factors influencing your search engine rankings outside the website.

While you have complete control over your on-page SEO tactics, it is not always the scenario with off-page strategies. For instance, if you reach out to another relevant website and ask them to link to your site, that is called off-page SEO, which you cannot completely influence. This is because you did not optimize or improve your website in this process.


On the other hand, if you are optimizing your content with relevant keywords or improving the page speed, then it is on-page SEO. This is because you have the option to change how the website or content works.

Why Off-Page SEO is Important?

Search engine algorithms and their ranking factors tend to change constantly. However, one thing that remains common in SEO is authority, trustworthiness, and relevance of your website. And this can be best accomplished through proven off-page SEO strategies conducted. These involve establishing your website’s reputation and authority off the page.

It is crucial because website authority and relevance are two most important ranking factors on Google. And the trustworthiness or relevance can be best determined from what others are talking about you, or how effectively you engage with your audiences and deliver value outside your website. This includes the social media, other high-authority sites, public forums, article submission directories, etc.


Connecting to your target audiences beyond your site is a good SEO strategy and offers a broad range of benefits as discussed herewith:

  • Drive better web presence: The more platforms through which you reach your audiences in a meaningful manner, the better will be your brand presence.
  • Build website authority: With improved web presence comes greater website authority as you connect to your audiences and engage them in manner that adds value. This helps establish your expertise or credibility in your particular niche.
  • Greater opportunities for ‘word of mouth’ communication: Social media marketing, link building, article submissions, etc. are powerful off-page SEO strategies that establish your presence and aid in effective advertising.
  • Improve SEO rankings: With trust, relevance and authority comes higher page rankings on search engines. This is because search engines do not merely consider how many keywords you integrate into your website content or how long the content is. What matters most is the quality and value you deliver to your audiences.
  • Drive more traffic: As you build a higher website authority on search engines with greater rankings, it helps drive increased traffic and better conversions.

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