Do Press Releases for SEO Still Matter 2022?

Do Press Releases for SEO Still Matter 2022?

If you’re a small business or large enterprise looking to spend on press releases as a marketing tool, one question that will come to your mind is…It’s 2022. Do press releases for SEO still relevant?

The answer is: Yes.

Earlier in 2012, former Google representative Matt Cutts clearly indicated “I wouldn’t expect links from press release websites to benefit your rankings.” It is true that the links in a press release do not add value to a website’s SEO search results. But if a blogger reads the press release and writes about the website, any links in that article or blog post will then matter for PageRank value.

Later, Google further realized that links stuffed with keywords were a problem. As such, the giant search engine completely devalued all links directed from press releases. According to John Mueller from Google, “These are links that were essentially placed by the webmasters themselves; that’s something that we would consider…unnatural. A lot of these (press releases) cases kind of fall into that, where essentially the webmaster is generally creating a bunch of links.”


He further continued, “It’s more something that webmasters are creating themselves to promote their websites.” Hence, certain links in press releases are considered spammy by Google and hold no importance in SERP rankings. So, you may wonder if press release for SEO still holds importance in 2022.

That takes us to the next section of this blog: why press releases still matter?

Why Press Releases for SEO Still Matter?

Press releases have been around for years and are considered a powerful tool to increase your brand visibility and spread the word. If there is anything newsworthy, creating a press release makes sense for effective branding and to drive increased traffic. It has a strong brand value and can also contribute to the website’s or brand’s Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). These are essential metrics to improve organic SEO and page rankings.

However, to be in successful in search engine optimization, it is important that the press release meets different criteria as specified by Google. Find out why press releases are still vital for effective digital marketing and SEO.

  • Build Brand Value: Having a press release published on a top-tier news portal does not just help in improving your website’s SEO rankings; it also helps build a powerful brand authority. Imagine how it would affect your brand credibility to be featured on top sites like Yahoo or Reuters.
  • Effective Digital Marketing Results: Press releases for SEO are still an effective first step for small businesses to reach their target audience. They capture attention from both traditional media as well as top-notch news sites, on top of building high-authority backlinks to your website. Since newsworthy press releases help build brand credibility, it is effective in converting a targeted audience into loyal customer.

An SEO-friendly press release also delivers faster results. Since it works as an effective branding tool, it aids in reputation management. And this can help your website get into the good books of search engines, resulting in higher page rankings.


Though the benefits of a press release fade as its relevance and timeliness fades, a compelling and well-structured press release can fulfill its SEO purposes efficiently.

SEO Press Release Best Practices

To use Press releases for SEO website ranking, it is crucial to comply with the industry best practices and search engine algorithm regulations. Links do play an important role in improving your website visibility when placed naturally. For instance, “To know more, visit”

Here, it is vital to understand the difference between navigational links and transactional links. The former uses a company name, a domain name or “click here” as anchor texts. It usually points to the website’s homepage. On the other hand, transactional links use a keyword in the anchor text.

While it is okay to use one navigational link, using transactional links in your press release for SEO can be harmful. It creates an impression to search engines that the link is not included to improve PageRank value for search engine ranking purposes. In addition to smart linking, make the press release unique, distribute it and share to spread the word.

Finally, hiring an expert SEO company can help create the most relevant and SEO-friendly press releases that add value to your website.

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