How Long Does It Take to See SEO Results?

How Long Does It Take to See SEO Results?

You have hired an SEO expert to take care of your site’s search engine optimization. The next thing you must be looking for at the moment is the result. Are you wondering when you will start seeing SEO results? If yes, do read this write-up.

The write-up will help you to understand that even the best SEO agency operating today will not be able to offer you overnight results. You’ll have to wait for the strategies to work and increase your site’s rank on SERPs. Read on to know more.

Factors That Decide How Long You’ll Need to Wait for SEO Results

Here are the three primary factors that decide how long SEO strategies would take to work:


The Starting Point of Your Website: The time a brand-new website takes to achieve the desired rank on SERPs is usually different from what an existing website takes for the same following a few major edits.

As everything is new for the new website, it can take as long as a year to achieve the desired rank on search engine result pages. An old website, on the other hand, usually takes half that time or even less. That’s because the existing website already enjoys some level of domain authority, which means its starting point is higher than a site that’s beginning from scratch.

However, certain factors can prevent an existing page from seeing quick SEO results. They are:

  • Broken or missing links
  • Wrong keyword focus
  • A poor layout or user experience
  • Missing or irrelevant information
  • Slow loading
  • Previous SEO strategies that were incompatible with Google’s recommendations

Competition: To find out how quickly you can taste success with SEO, you must track your rival groups. Spot your rivals, gather information on their SEO strategies, and make strategies that are powerful enough for beating them on SERPs.

Your website will take less time to achieve a healthy ranking if you operate in a very specific segment with just a handful of rivals. However, if hundreds of other companies are offering the same products/services as yours, you’ll have to wait much longer to see any favorable change in your ranking.

Budget: Your SEO budget should vary according to your goals. Businesses that have a big SEO budget usually get SEO results faster. That’s because a bigger budget allows companies offering SEO services to allocate more resources for boosting a website. Experts can systematically design and implement SEO strategies and track site authority meticulously.

Content: Content has always been one of the three top-ranking factors of Google. The search engine giant operates with the goal of presenting the best results for every search. So, it’s obvious that it would rank pages with high-quality content higher on the SERPs.

Does your website have informative, relevant, and interesting content? If yes, then your SEO campaigns will show quicker results than what they would have done for a site with poor content. You’ll have to wait longer even if the content quality of your site is average.


Backlinks: Backlinks are also among Google’s three main ranking factors. They indicate how popular and trustworthy your website is. The higher the number of backlinks enjoyed by your site the lesser time it will take to get SEO results.

How Long Will the Wait for SEO Results Be?

If you work with trusted SEO experts, you can expect them to constantly analyze the results and make amendments to strategies. They will put in their best efforts for content creation, link building, and keyword research. Additionally, they will use all the available tools including social media to create the most effective SEO campaign for you. None of these steps can be completed overnight. While these are time-taking steps, the results they will produce will be long-lasting.

Most websites start seeing results within six to 12 months of implementing SEO strategies. However, it’s impossible to state an exact time frame. You will start seeing results within six to 12 months. However, the results will get better over time. In other words, for getting the best possible results, you may need to wait longer.

Final Words

The discussion above must have answered the question, how long does SEO take to show results. The discussion also affirms that instead of worrying about the time frame, you should focus on getting the best SEO results.

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