What are the Most Common Link Building Mistakes?

What are the Most Common Link Building Mistakes?

Amidst all the controversies surrounding if link building is still effective in 2022, it remains to be an indispensable part of an effective SEO strategy. Earlier in 2021, Backlinko analyzed 11.8 million Google search results and found that a website’s overall link authority is strongly associated with higher search engine rankings. This clearly indicates the importance of links for your SEO success. Unfortunately, many marketers do tons of link building mistakes that may not only affect their rankings, but also cost them significant money.

Know the most common mistakes to avoid and start earning the quality links you deserve.

Common Link Building Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

So, let’s understand some of the costliest mistakes you should avoid if you want to drive better SEO results.


    1. Buying Links to Build Website Authority

Effective link building is an integral component of a fail-proof SEO strategy. But there is no shortcut to success. And this is where many website owners are likely to make the biggest mistake – they buy links to build search engine authority. Buying links means you pay another website to include a link in one of their pages, directing to your website. The purpose is to buy as many links as possible to boost website rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

But beware, paid links violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and your website can be penalized if caught. So, avoid buying links; instead, use organic link building tactics that can help improve SEO rankings and build authority.

    2. Focusing ONLY One Kind of Backlinks

One of the most common link building mistakes that digital marketers do is building only one type of backlink, i.e., either dofollow or nofollow links. This is a black-hat SEO practice and your website can get penalized by Google.

True that nofollow links do not help improve search engine rankings, but they can help boost your SEO, particularly when you get nofollow links from different domains. Hence, it is crucial to know what type of backlinks are good for SEO and gives equal importance to all. A mix of dofollow and nofollow links together can help strengthen your SEO strategies, but without getting penalized.

    3. Not Removing Broken or Toxic Links

Another mistake websites do is to build links that lead to pages that no longer exist or show 404 Error messages. Broken links can significantly affect your link authority, while negatively impacting your rankings. It not only renders a dissatisfactory user experience but also indicates that the website is of poor quality. On the other hand, toxic backlinks are mostly irrelevant and unnatural backlinks, affecting your SEO rankings.


This is one of the most typical link building mistakes marketers do without knowing how bad it can be for your website rankings, brand reputation, as well as user experience.

    4. Using keyword-stuffed anchor texts

This is another mistake that marketers commonly make. They think they can improve SEO rankings by building links that have keywords stuffed in anchor texts. But according to Google, the tactic of stuffing anchor text links is a black-hat SEO strategy and your website may get penalized for this. Additionally, if you use the same anchor text to build links on different blogs, it will be considered spamming. This can impact your search engine rankings as well as pull down your overall website authority.

Therefore, it is recommended not to use anchor texts when building links. Rather use different combinations of anchor texts when you are building dofollow links.

    5. Giving more importance to quantity than the quality of links

To build search engine authority, one of the biggest link building mistakes marketers do is to stuff too many links too quickly. Search engines do not penalize you for how fast you build links. But when you are using manipulative ways to build too many links too quickly, then you can be in danger. That is because quality plays a vital role in link building than quantity.


There are tons of link building techniques you can follow to drive high authority, quality backlinks and improve website rankings. But at the same time, it is likely to make the costliest link building mistakes that can harm your website in the long run. Get professional link building services from AryoZone, a leading SEO company that has vast expertise in building quality links that drive value for your website.

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