What is Long form content and Why Do You Need It?

What is Long form content and Why Do You Need It?

There are several content strategies you can use depending on your requirements. People choose a strong content strategy to build their brand recognition and improve their SEO rank. Long form content is one of them and is an excellent way of getting more engagement on your site. Any content that has more than 1000-2000 words is long form content. Some may say that long content is time-consuming.

However, an SEO company would explain how long articles give a more detailed perspective. People get in-depth knowledge about the topics. It is a strategy worth trying. However, never forget to focus on quality over quantity.

How Does The Length Of The Content Matter?

The content length should be enough to serve the purpose it aims. It depends on your objective.

Short-form content includes short blog posts, news articles, emails, social media captions, and infographics. These are easy to create and to the point. You can make it as attractive as possible with the help of short phrases.


Long form content includes detailed blog posts, evergreen pages, eBooks, and guides and tutorials. These articles cover every topic in-depth and aim to educate and inform the readers properly.

Hence, the content length matters as it affects the engagement directly. You may decide the size of the content according to its objective.

Why Do You Need Long form content?

Long content has more benefits than you think. It is one of the most successful SEO strategies. Following are some of the reasons why long form content works:-

1) Social networks

Detailed articles have more social shares. They bring you more audience. Promoting these content pieces through social media ads is very powerful. You are likely to get more views and shares through these ads. Also, long posts have more comments and conversations. Hence, they improve your social networks.


2) Engagement rate

Long blogs increase the time spent on your site. Site time is a significant factor in determining the website's relevance. If you add essence which interests the readers, they will tend to read the whole blog. Hence, long form content increases your engagement rate.

3) Authority over the content

You reflect your authority over the information through long articles. It justifies your knowledge and increases your trustworthiness. Long blogs enable you to add more backlinks to your site and hence, are responsible for enhancing your reliability.

4) Conversion rate

Long articles attract more people's attention. More attention would result in a high conversion rate.This rate means your business can get more revenue through the blog. You can promote your products and services through these articles.

5) Social media shares

If people have a good experience with your blog, they tend to share it on social media. Social media shares bring more visitors to your website. People engage themselves in the comments section or discuss the blog in general. Lengthy articles which are intriguing result in more social media shares.

How To Create A Perfect Long-Form Blog

Now that you know the need for long form content, you can set your objectives. However, writing long articles doesn't mean scribbling down things that are not necessary. Doing this would reduce people's interest in the blog. Draft your goals before writing the content to get a better SEO ranking.

Know why you are writing the blog and what the result will be. Decide if your content will have any restrictions. Do you want to access your reader's email id before he reads the blog? Or do you want to make it free of barriers?


The title of your blog should be specific and attractive. Keep your objectives in mind and create a tempting title for your long form content.

Add a space where people can subscribe to your blog to get updates. Get their emails to stay connected and send them regular mails to establish an emotional connection from their side.

You may conduct social media campaigns to promote your blog after publishing it. The more visitors, the more will be the engagement rate.

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