What Is Search Intent in SEO?

What Is Search Intent in SEO?

There’s immense significance of search intent in SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps in increasing traffic to a website. Having a high rank on Google helps websites to attract more visitors, which automatically augments leads and sales. To make people visit your website, you must optimize its content for the right set of keywords. SEO does just that.

However, if you want people to buy your offerings, become repeat visitors, or subscribe to newsletters, you must consider search intent. The section below will explain what search intent is and help you to understand its importance in SEO. 

About the Role of Search Intent in SEO

Experts define search intent (aka audience intent or user intent) as a term that describes an online search’s purpose. To put it simply, it explains the reason why an individual has performed a particular search.


Whenever we conduct a search online, we do so with the hope of finding something. Search intent in SEO helps in determining whether the person conducting the search is looking to buy something, searching for an answer to a given question, or wanting to visit a particular website.

Google, since its inception, has put in a lot of effort to make its algorithm perfect so that it can determine the users’ search intent more accurately. The search engine giant wants the result pages to feature web pages that fit the search term entered by the user most aptly. This makes it important for website owners to enable organic SEO by creating posts and pages that match their target audience’s search intent perfectly.

What Are the Different Types of Search Intent in SEO?

Experts have divided search intent into four main categories. They are:

Informational Intent

Most people conducting a search on the Internet do so with the intent of acquiring information. They may look for information about current or upcoming weather conditions, information about products and services, information about a place, and so on. Users searching the web with information intent typically have a particular question or look to know about a specific topic.

Google is instrumental in understanding the exact Search intent in SEO of users. Google never comes up only with search results that provide information on the search term entered. The results offered by the search engine biggie go much beyond that.

For instance, if someone enters the term “pasta”, Google will fill the result page with pasta recipes of different kinds. That’s because it knows that people entering the term “pasta” are unlikely to be looking for pasta’s culinary history and are instead interested in pasta recipes. A top company offering SEO services always keeps this ability of Google in mind when optimizing web pages.

Navigational Intent

Individuals with navigational search intent use search engines for visiting a particular website. For instance, users entering the term “Instagram” on the search bar typically want to log into their respective Instagram accounts and use the platform for various purposes.


Remember that achieving a high rank for a navigational search term is beneficial only if the search term is your website address or your company’s name. Ideally, you must make sure that people can find your website if they enter your company’s name or website address on Google.

Transactional Intent

Transactional intent is the third most common search intent in SEO. People who conduct searches for finding something to purchase have transactional intent. This usually means that the person entering the search term knows what exactly he or she would buy. The person carries out the search for checking the choices available on the Internet.

Commercial Investigation 

Users often carry out searches online when they have the intent of buying a product or service sometime in the future (usually near future). Such searches are categorized as commercial investigations.

For instance, an individual planning to buy an air conditioning machine in six months might carry out searches to find out which type would be suitable for his/her home. The person might compare prices of similar products from different brands, read reviews, check options available, etc.

Final Words

The sections above must have helped you to understand the role of search intent in SEO. If you want to utilize this factor for ranking your website higher on Google, you must hire a trusted SEO company for optimizing your website on your behalf.

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